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@zopersonal  Dad, Boyfriend to @sandradc75 Owner of Zo Personal Training 655 Deep Valley Rolling Hills, CA 90274 (562) 704-2464 📧 inhouse.fitness@yahoo.com


3 days ago

I love training with this woman @sandradc75 Because of her will power and her strength to go hard. I have to go hard also. Turning 53 in July and a pretty ass girlfriend , I have to stay at the top of my game . at Zo Personal Training

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7 days ago

Can’t wait for you to get back ❤️❤️baby @sandradc75

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8 days ago

@sandradc75 said meet me here Pennisula Nail and spa at 1:15. Ok what is she trying to say . Maybe it’s about that time again .If we do it ,let’s do it my way . So I got her a red cup at Pennisula Nail And Spa

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13 days ago

Part 2 with my baby @sandradc75 .So much fun with her.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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15 days ago

Always a good time with this beauty @sandradc75

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28 days ago

Putting a Jumbo Caribbean Hammock together on this Sunday morning . It was really that easy and that fast. If you watch closely you will see me bust my ass

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1 month ago

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