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@youngestoldcatlady  😻 26 yr old figuring out this world. 💡Spreading knowledge and happiness through mini lions. 💌 for inquiries. Seattle.

1 hour ago

Play time in Ashley’s room last night. I almost had a heart attack watching Licorice chase a laser 😭😭😭😍

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1 hour ago

Guilty!! Breezy passing Jack a puzzle piece lol

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11 hours ago

Unfortunately there was a big misunderstanding with photos. This is why I also do not often post peoples GoFundMe’s because this day and age you never know who to trust. It has come to my attention that the photos I posted earlier about the cat rescue and family who lost their home, were photos other people had taken. The family wasn’t lying about anything- they did lose everything and are still caring for dozens of rescue cats. It was more of a confusion between parties. I saw their GoFundMe and assumed the photos on the page were photos they took but it looks like the person who made the GoFundMe had taken the pictures from different rescues. I’m guessing they did this because rescues are taking in lost or surrendered cats from the fires and they don’t know who belongs to who yet. So they may belong to them, but it isn’t confirmed and I don’t want to falsely advertise where money is going if you wanted it sent to a specific cat in a photo you saw. Once I figure out exactly where the money should go and who needs it the most to help animals from the fire, I will let you know. It can be divided as well between them. I take donations very seriously. And I promise they will go to the deserving people working to help the animals (and families) effected by the fire. Obviously sometimes the internet makes it hard to know exactly who to trust so I want to talk with multiple people tomorrow to see what’s going on, but rest assured it will go to the right place. ❤️ And of course I don’t want to use people’s pictures without their permission, I hate when people do that to me!

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11 hours ago

Skittles 😻

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14 hours ago

Georgia is not the size of my shoe. She’s the cutest 🥰

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15 hours ago

There’s a blanket over the table because my mom has a puzzle under it. Of course it’s also the favorite nap place and Breezy taught Chanel to sleep there lol

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1 day ago

Going to be a big gorgeous boy one day. ❤️ Nothing is more rewarding than watching him grow when last week he couldn’t keep eye contact with my finger or move out of his own waste. This is why I do what I do. ❤️

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2 days ago

Look I’m not a violent person. But be nice to animals. Or I’ll kill you.

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2 days ago

Foster mom is humiliating me. She has tucked me in like a baby. 🍼

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2 days ago

Skittles protecting his little brother Licorice. ❤️

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2 days ago

Bunny kicks to the face!! 🐰 🤪

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2 days ago

I wear toys as scarves. 🧣

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