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Alright, so here is the low down. Marie was diagnosed with Ringworm today on her left paw. I brought the entire group in, but she was the only one that they could see it on for sure. But since all of them have been exposed they all need to be treated for ringworm. Due to the amount of kittens, we decided to split the group. Ringworm treatment is a lot of work, and knowing my limits is important. I took home Aurora, Marie, Tod and Sebastian. Another home is going to take Mama Mrs.Potts, Aladdin, Gus and Minnie. Both Marie and Sebastian were also given an antibiotic shot for the extreme diarrhea they are still having. (plus Sebastian had blood in his urine and is only losing weight). A lot of people have messaged me asking how they can help. Honestly litter or potty pads from our wish list. PayPal helps us go out to buy the supplies we go through washing like 10 blankets a day (laundry detergents, garbage bags, etc) our PayPal is youngestoldcatlady.com. Unfortunately I have to throw away anything un-washable so any scratcher toys or cardboard houses had to be tossed :( On top of every day medications, every 3 days we will be doing anti-fungal baths and re-sterilizing the entire foster room. We’ve got a long journey ahead. But we can do it. ❤️ • • • #catsofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives #adorable #cat #instamood #instagood #love #ringworm #thedisneykittens #love #kittens #help

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Another crazy day in our household. I told the vet yesterday “see you tomorrow” and sure enough I was right 😑 Tiny Sebastian now has blood in his urine (possible Urinary tract infection), Marie’s still having diarrhea and skin issues, Minnie’s fever is now up to 105 etc etc. the list goes on. I think I’ve driven to the shelter like 8 out of the last 10 days 😬 I’m taking everyone this time so it’s not just a couple at a time. Poor guys. They have really been through the ringer. • • • #catsofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives #adorable #cat #instamood #instagood #picoftheday #thedisneykittens #love #cats #kittens #babies #tiny #sick

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I can barely believe my eyes when I see the transformation Aurora has made in just over two weeks. I’ve never seen a kitten so malnourished and sick. I love her little meow after drinking out of the water fountain. What a sweet girl. She is much more feisty and rambunctious now ❤️ We still have a few more weeks of getting her to tip top shape, but she has come so far already. • • • #catsofinstagram #adorable #instamood #instagood #fosteringsaveslives #cat #kitten #love #adoptdontshop #happy #thedisneykittens #aurora #sick #thin #weak

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The best of friends ❤️ health update on your favorite girls: Marie is still having some diarrhea but it’s more manageable and she makes it to the litter box. Her and Aurora are dealing with very dry peeling skin from where the diarrhea was on their legs. Auroras is much worse as I wasn’t there when she first got it to clean her legs every time. We have a trip to the vet AGAIN tomorrow morning for them and for Sebastian as he vomited today :( I’ll be picking up Minnie as she stayed overnight for observation. This is definitely the most sick group of kittens (other than ringworm) that I’ve gotten but day by day we are figuring it out! • • • #cat #fosteringsaveslives #catsofinstagram #instagood #instamood #catstagram #love #adorable #sisters #happy #babies #thedisneykittens

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Good news and bad news. Tod is feeling better, Marie is too but still having diarrhea. Unfortunately Minnie (the only all black female) started getting a fever yesterday. I did fluids twice and yet this morning she was starting to get a gurgling/cough with a temp of 104.3 and diarrhea 😓 poor girl. My mom brought her to PAWS to get her seen by a vet. She will stay for observation today and hopefully we can get that temp down with some antiobiotics or something. This poor group of kittens has REALLY been through the health ringer! • • • #catsofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives #adorable #adoptdontshop #instamood #instagood #love #adopt #fever #thedisneykittens #marie #tod #kittens

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Give-Away time!! On Saturday I got to go spread the word at @paws_wa about fostering! @okocat put on a great event and donated litter to everyone who adopted, and to @paws_wa! In late August, “ökocat will select three animal shelters in the three eco-friendly cities that received the highest number of votes and those shelters will receive a donation of over 1,000 pounds of litter!” If you’d like to win a box of ökocat to try for yourself, or help pick what city they donate litter to, go to my bio stories and click on the Ökocat story. Then go to the second image and swipe up! I have personally found I like the Long Haired Breed Litter the nest because it’s large pellets and easy to clean up! No more tiny litter getting stuck in the carpet. Go and vote now, winner will be announced Thursday :) I also got to meet sweet Klaus from @oskar_the_blind_cat ! • • • #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #adorable #instamood #picoftheday #instagood #cat #kitten #adorable #love #okocat #meow #fosteringsaveslives #foster #adopt

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