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@wyattalan  I believe in radical goodness. Show up every day for yourself I know you’ll be thrilled with where you end up. 🗣💫☀️🌴🏖

1 day ago

You can do things the easy way or you can do things the Hardaway #1cent *someone just realized why our boy dog is named Penny* at Huntington Beach, California

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6 days ago

Today is more of an “inside day” ☁️ but this pic is from our pool day last Saturday. Really hoping for some sunshine tomorrow ☀️ 🤗 at Huntington Beach, California

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16 days ago

Summertime is still “officially” 52 days away but today it felt like summertime. “Feels like summer” Childish Gambino stuck in my head all day. at Huntington Beach, California

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16 days ago

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16 days ago

Why do “Beware of Dog” signs look like warning labels. It should have a list of their favorite activities and treats so we know what to bring them. at Huntington Beach, California

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16 days ago

I haven’t shot a basketball (outside of arcade games) in years. It’s such a simple activity but I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Jill won a state ring with her high school team, loves, and knows the game well. It’s always been a common interest but we’ve played on an actual court less than 10 times probably in the 7 years we’ve known each other. She fixed my ugly shot in less than 5 minutes. I’ll be trying out for NBA teams this summer. Alright I meant everything else but that last part... at Huntington Beach, California

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