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1/2 Marathons are no small feat to complete, which is why we’re so excited to be able to help our community connect while achieving goals as we take on some 1/2 marathons together in 2019! #strongertogether @womenofcolorado ambassador @heather_b_22 will be leading the way as the captain & training leader of Team Thirsty 13 in Durango on August 24th! Heather will be sharing her combined knowledge & passion as a runner, skier & yoga instructor to provide training for our team. Training consists of: in person meet-ups, supplementary training schedules, tips & tricks including health & nutrition, a place for your to communicate with your team members, yoga classes for strengthening & flexibility, as well as accountability & support from the start via our Facebook group! Our training packages include Thirsty 13 admission (option to add on Brewfest or just race), automatic entry which is done for you, #womenofcolorado swag bags with goodies from our sponsors like @fattire & @lilytrotters, as well as the wonderful benefit of having other women alongside to cheer you on each step of the way! Check out more info on how to join the @womenofcolorado Thirsty 13 team in Durango at •www.womenofcolorado.co/thirsty13#womenrunning #womensteam #runningteam #coloradorunning #teamwomenofcolorado #thirsty13 #durangatang PC: Durango Double at Durango, Colorado

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It’s Friday... getting LOTS of snow in the Southwest portion of the state & we are feeling great about the weekend on the horizon! Thanks to @madisonchelsea for using #womenofcolorado to be featured! We love this sweet shot, sharing joy & the stoke for some fresh powder! •www.womenofcolorado.co#sharethestoke ❤️💛💙 Repost @madisonchelsea ・・・ We are taught that “play” is not productive in that it does not produce a material good. It is, however, conductive in that it produces a current called Joy: a molecular symphony electric heartbeat keeping time with simple truths like the liquid gold honey elixir of sun. When we play, it’s not to increase gross domestic product; if anything, to mute deafening keyboards clack-clattering to absolve ourselves of 40 hours per week hunched over desks, emitting a stream of emails that line silk pockets of executives like hundred dollar bills. When at play, the itinerant muscular parade of endorphins marches through veins, delivering parcels of Purpose to each cell in our body, telegrams declaring, “Remember: you are not here to just pay bills.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ _____________________ [1/250 | f/10.0 | ISO 160 | 44mm] #getoutside #playmore #dirtbagdiaries #womenofcolorado #findyourpark #americasbestidea #alphacollective at Colorado

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Weather? What weather?!? Whether it’s bluebird or a gusty winter wonderland, the @womenofcolorado can be found snowshoeing from Grand Junction last weekend, to the Front Range this weekend! Plus, when you get a little @fattire to enjoy, it makes it all worth your while! #thenbeer• While the snow falls here in Colorado, ambassador @lindsey.oung & @mtnjohns are looking forward to getting out & about with our crew this Saturday for our collaborative event! Come hang, grab a #womenofcolorado sticker & a @fattire or two on us! So long as it’s not snowmageddon- we will be looking forward to hanging out! Thanks to all our returning guests & to everyone that RSVP’d! #womenofcoloradoevents #coloradoeventscommunity ❤️💛💙 PC: #womenofcoambassador @shea_adventures at Grand Mesa, Colorado

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Monday is for memories! Here’s when ambassador @k_love_yoga & I were rocking our @alpinebirch @womenofcolorado edition beanies while enjoying a cold @fattire after a jaunt in the snow at the Winter Retreat... what more could you ask for?! #thenbeer • There’s no doubt, a #womenofcoloradoretreat offers the opportunity for our guests to have fun, make genuine new friends & to enjoy time away from the daily grind! I can’t tell you how many rad people I’ve gotten to open up to & be vulnerable with, as well as laughing so hard I cried & gazing at the stars until the darkest hours of the night! It’s something I deeply enjoy providing as an activity for our rad crew. I am incredibly grateful & honored that the hard work the ambassadors & I do is appreciated by so many of you all! I see people returning to multiple retreats, I read our 5 ⭐️ reviews, we sell out every time— & I know that we are providing something more than just a weekend of fun. We’re making friends & creating memories— and that, is worth every ounce of effort. Huge thanks to ambassadors @k_love_yoga & @shelly6035 for helping out at the last retreat, much love to the darling @anneehubbard for the exceptional images & another huge thanks to all our guests, the incredible brands & our sponsors that hook our guests up with the best swag & the tastiest brews! We’re doing it again 5/17-19 in Glenwood Springs, Head to the link in our bio to pre-register & reserve a spot of your choice before they are officially on sale! •www.womenofcolorado.co/retreats• Sponsors & Brands: @alpinebirch @antlersbyanela @fattire @davidsonsteas @ampersand.coffeeroasters @kates_real_food ❤️💛💙 PC: @anneehubbard at Cottonwood Pass, Continental Divide

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Hope everyone's weekend was great! We know we had a lot of fun at Paint & Sip in Denver as well as snowshoeing in Grand Junction — & now we're starting a new giveaway! Today, we’re grateful to be able to give away some tasty & healthy beverages from @superiorswitchel! Superior Switchel botanically brews switchel with organic, vegan, non- GMO ingredients & supports water conservation by donating 1% of their annual profits. You'll get to enjoy several flavors of their refreshing, ginger and apple cider vinegar elixir from the 17th-century! ❤️💛💙It’s easy to win, just follow the instructions below & stay tuned to our Instagram story for when we announce a winner on February 24th! 1. Follow @superiorswitchel & @womenofcolorado 2. Tag 2 people in the comments that love a tasty & healthy iI beverage! Limited to one entry per person, U.S. Residents only. Must follow instructions completely to be entered. We encourage you to enter giveaways of companies you genuinely want to support- please use good manners & don't un-follow our supporters! Please make your profile public so we can confirm your entries, private profiles will be disqualified. This giveaway is not associated with Instagram or Facebook. Good luck & thanks for supporting #smallbusiness! • • • #womenofcolorado #giveaway #superiorswitchel #healthdrink #tastybeverage #elixir #healthiswealth at Colorado

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Thank you to all the incredible individuals that joined our Paint & Sip painting class in the Denver area last night! Huge shoutout to @pinotwestminster for hosting our unique event complete with painting under black lights & gratitude always to the #womenofcolorado ambassadors @adventuresofkarin, @coadventurer_0320 & @glomascote for facilitating the fun! Swipe left to see our first ever Black Light group photo & tag yourself in the comments if you joined in!🖤💜➡️We here at @womenofcolorado strive to provide unique events which cultivate community, foster friendships & empower all types of interests. From artists to athletes, from ages 21-81— we provide a judgement free space where our Colorado community can express themselves freely. Thank you to each and every one of you for helping to make our community the #1 provider of women’s events across the state! Today— we snowshoe in Grand Junction! Be sure to check out the IG story as the fun unfolds & have a wonderful weekend! •www.womenofcolorado.co#womenofcoloradoevents #cultivatecommunity #artistsandathletes #empowerothers #judgementfreeplacetobe #painting #artistic #coloradocommunity #coloradoevents #paintandsip #paintingclass❤️💛💙pc: @adventuresofkarin at Pinot's Palette

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@womenofcolorado love their adventure companions & we are so excited to be providing more event opportunities to get into the great outdoors with our best fur friends! You can grab a waitlist spot for our hike on April 13th in the Denver area hike complete with @fattire & #womenofcoambassador @coadventurer_0320... or tell us in the comments, where should we take our pets next?! ⤵️⤵️Thanks to @christianwinward for the beautiful image & for using #womenofcolorado to be featured! #womensbestfriend #dogdays #adventurepups ❤️💛💙 Repost @christianwinward ・・・ These two and a sunset on a beautiful fall night...what more can I ask for? • • • #coloradoevents #coloradocommunity #outdoorcommunity #womenscommunity #womenoutdoors #womensupportingwomen at Colorado

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We ❤️ seeing the @womenofcolorado accomplishing their goals! Shout out to @thebethst for accomplishing her 2018 hiking goal & for sharing this reminder to keep our eyes on the prize! What are your 2019 goals? Tell us in the comments ⤵️ or check out our event offerings to see if we can help you along the way! From climbing to half marathons, to artistic pursuits, @womenofcolorado empowers our community by providing opportunity to achieve our goals together! #strongertogether #womenofcoloradowww.womenofcolorado.co• ❤️💛💙 Repost @thebethst ・・・ Just one hike left till my goal of 35 this year (deadline Dec. 27), and trying to think of something especially cool or interesting to do for it. 🤔 I would to love hear your favorite winter hikes/trail suggestions in CO if you don’t mind sharing! Any length and/or difficulty is on the table! 🙏 . . . . . #hikecolorado #coloradical #goldengatecanyonstatepark #fatgirlshiking #sheexplores #womenwhohike #bodypositivehikers #girlsgonehiking #gogalavanting #womenwhohikecolorado #unlikelyhikers #hikelife #outdoorslife at Colorado

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@womenofcolorado ambassador @karidane is the next featured writer for our “Women Who Inspire” blog series! ❤️💛💙 She shares how accomplishing smaller goals & igniting her passions amongst a life of adversity has allowed her to achieve her bigger goals & stay focused. Her mantra, as learned from her grandmother is: Quitting is never an option. We’re grateful to have such a willful, strong & kind person on our ambassador team! Head to www.womenofcolorado.co/blog to check out her short story & be sure to scope out her personal blog “The Art of Motion” at: www.theartofmotion.us! #womenofcolorado #womenwhoinspire ❤️💛💙 Repost @karidane ・・・ lately i’ve really been struggling with thoughts, and i’ve been so unbelievably grateful for those who give me moments out and away to cling to. 🧡 PC // @krisugarriza at Colorado

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“In terms of days and moments lived, you’ll never again be as young as you are right now, so spend this day, the youth of your future, in a way that deflects regret. Invest in yourself. Have some fun. Do something important. Love somebody extra. In one sense, you’re just a kid, but a kid with enough years on her to know that every day is priceless. “- Victoria Moran ❤️💛💙 Thanks a bunch to all the great guests that joined our Winter Retreat this past weekend- what a blast! Extra shout out to ambassador @k_love_yoga for being there to teach morning yoga & for helping make the event a success! 🍻Priceless Photo Credit to the amazing @anneehubbard #womenofcolorado #womenofcoloradoretreat • goody bag swag by @alpinebirch & @antlersbyanela at Cottonwood Pass, Continental Divide

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Sledding into an adventurous weekend with this sweet snowmobile shot from @womenofcolorado ambassador @jcuret! What weekend exploration do you have planned? Tell us in the comments! ⤵️ #womenofcolorado #womenoutdoors ❤️💛💙 Repost @jcuret ・・・ Skittles sled shred on the backside of Ajax #lategram #photooftheday #mountains #getoutstayout #choosemountains #adventure #explore #optoutside #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #getoutside #getoutthere #outdoorwomen #greatoutdoors #travelstoke #sheadventures #coloradogram #coloradotography #colorado #aspen #snowmobile #snowmobiling #sled #snow #winter @lifeproof at Colorado

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Cannot wait to do yoga & hang with @womenofcolorado ambassador @k_love_yoga this weekend at the Winter retreat! Spring retreat is in the works for May, so tuned for details if you missed this one. I am so excited to meet our guests & to enjoy a weekend in their good company! ❤️💛💙 Not joining in but curious what our retreats are about? Tune into our Instagram story this weekend to see what we’re up to— or check out highlights from past retreats on our profile! 😊 • www.womenofcolorado.co#womenofcolorado #womenofcoambassador Repost @k_love_yoga ・・・ Don’t hold back. This is it. Now is your time. Go. Do. Be. Feel. Love. Let go. ♥️ • . • . • . • . #dontholdback #go #do #be #feel #love #letgo #practice #presence #now #life #time #yogi #yoga #headstand #sirshasana #loveyourself #appreciateyourself #vailcolorado #vaillive at The Vail Athletic Club & Spa

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Here we have @womenofcolorado ambassador @shelly6035 thinking about all the exciting events she’s leading in Colorado Springs.... come hang! We’re kicking it off in the springs on Saturday March 9th over at @bristolbrewing in Ivywild School, what a cool spot! The event offers the opportunity to take a tour of the brewery, to drink a tasty beer & each guest will leave with a souvenir from us & the brewery. You could even win one of our fun raffle prizes! Looking forward to getting into the great outdoors with our crew? RSVP to join us Sunday April 7th, when heading on a hike at Mt. Muscoco— and stay tuned as we announce more future events in the area! We’re so excited to be hanging in Colorado Springs this year- thanks a bunch to Shelly for helping us create more offerings for our front range community folks! Register to join in at •www.womenofcolorado.co/meetandgreet#womenofcolorado #coloradoevents #eventscommunity ❤️💛💙 Repost @shelly6035 ・・・ Today we hit the slopes...it was awesome!! 🎿 This sunset on Loveland Pass was equally as awesome. I really really 🖤 Colorado! . . . #getoutside #getoutstayout #coppermountain #lovelandpass #mountaingirls #womenofcolorado #mountains #sunset #rockies #wild #colorado #outdoorwomen #nature #stayandwander #playtime #explore #wildernessculture #adventuretime #likeamountaingirl #sheexplores #optoutside at Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Who else needs some #mondaymotivation?! This year, @womenofcolorado introduced all new team events & trainings to help keep you motivated the entire year ahead! Join us for the Revel Rockies 1/2 Marathon, the Tough Mudder or the Durango Thirsty 13... the choice is yours! Also be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming announcement of yet another awesome team training offer in Durango. We’re grateful to be able to keep our community motivated to achieve our goals, together! Thanks to @explorin_laurenn for starting this day off on a positive note! Find info on our teams at: www.womenofcolorado.co/teams #womenofcolorado #dreamteam #togetherwerebetter ❤️💛💙 Repost @explorin_laurenn with ・・・ Balance is important in life. Even Red Rocks Amphitheater knows that. While at night you find these steps filled with concert goers during the day they make the best outdoor gym! PC: @explorin_laurenn • • • #motivateyourself #inspireothers #teamwomenofcolorado #notrainnogain #training💪 #strongwomen #womenathletes #womensevent at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

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Hope everyone's weekend is going great! For our next giveaway, we’re stoked to sharing this sweet "Shred the Patriarchy" swag from our great supporters at @coalitionsnow! Did you know- Coalition Snow is the world's first all women's outdoor equipment company, specializing in skis & snowboards? We were stoked to demo their award-winning products at our recent Ride Day & are so grateful to have their support for our community! • • • It’s easy to win this hat and T-shirt combo! Just follow the instructions below & stay tuned to our Instagram story for when we announce a winner on February 9th! • • • 1. Follow @coalitionsnow & @womenofcolorado 2. Tag 3 people in the comments that love to shred some snow! • • • Limited to one entry per person, U.S. Residents & Public Profiles only. Must follow instructions completely to be entered. We encourage you to enter giveaways of companies you genuinely want to support- please use good manners & don't un-follow our collaborators. This giveaway is not associated with Instagram or Facebook. Good luck & thanks for supporting women-owned businesses! #womenofcolorado #coalitionsnow #shredthepatriarchy #sisterhoodofshred #shredsisters #sheshreds #snowboardinggirl #hittheslopes #powpow #giveawaycontest at Colorado

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“Michelle- why did you start @womenofcolorado?” I spent most of my life without a mother, who passed away when I was nine. I was a “tomboy” kid enjoying video games & skateboarding. When I discovered my feminine side, instead of being embraced, I was bullied & cast out. When I first got to Colorado in 2015 (no, I’m not a native) I decided to try snowboarding. I’m not fantastic (definitely better at skiing) & couldn’t keep up with the born & raised boarder babes, yet NEVER ONCE did they put me down. Deciding to hang with more women, I became an ambassador for a huge women’s outdoor “empowerment” company. And wow— I wasn’t heard, appreciated, or cared for. I led a hike for this group when my boyfriend said, “you get along so well with women & really easily make friends with women” (I thought, yeah right, I’m an introvert INTJ that women hate). I noticed this negative self talk & this negative ambassador situation and- it dawned upon me: I CAN DO BETTER for myself & I can do better for the Colorado women’s community. We DESERVE better. I was always constantly impressed by all the badass artists & athletes around me & was doubly impressed by their friendly, supportive attitudes. I wanted to learn & grow with these empowered women, the Women of Colorado. So I made it my mission to change the game. For me, for you- for us all. No more impersonal internet interactions with companies that don’t care about their ambassadors dreams. No more built up reservations about being introverted & or insecurities around having meaningful relationships with women. After finding lots reasons to start #womenofcolorado, here we are. Encouraging each other, facing our fears together, learning new things & making new friends. No matter who you are, what you believe or how you identify, this is a safe space for you to flourish. It’s not about just saying you empower women, it’s about doing it. Be the change you wish to see in the world! @womenofcolorado has been such a blessing & I have you all to thank for being a part of it. It is my mission to serve our community to the best of my ability. I see you- You are appreciated. You are loved. ❤️ Michelle at Durango, Colorado

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