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RIP Bob Bender. Bob Bender is one of my heroes. So fortunate to have him part of my life. One of my favorite marxists. I learned so much from him. And will continue to learn from his wife and fellow amazing organizer and Marxist Patty.

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To one of the greatest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you for believing in me in the times where even I didn’t. Thank you Bob Bender. 😩😩😭💔

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Presenting preliminary findings from my summer field work in Puerto Rico with @unsif_pr. So thankful for everyone who contributed to making this a reality. Still not done analyzing data but getting close to having a finished product. . Can y’all tell I’m being a bit obnoxious posing for this photo or am I the only one who sees it? 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Let me find out @uflorida holds Puerto Rican debt. We gonna have some problems forreal.

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Me and bae enjoying a nice break from a crazy ass Fall. ... Photo cred @thatgirltiny_

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If there is one thing grad school has taught me that stands out above all else is to be patient and softer with myself. This is especially true when I challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone. —————— While being in grad school I have learned many new things that have continued to reinforce this message. And often the simple things like playing pool have taught me the importance of focus, patience, and being easy on myself when the shot doesn’t go the way I wanted. ———— These lessons have made me a better person, a better organizer, a better pool player, and better at adapting to life in so many ways. ————- Thank you to all of you who have joined me on this journey and contributed in so many different ways. There are too many of you to thank you all. But I hope you know, yes, I am talking about you. Special thanks to @thatgirltiny_ for taking this picture and the role you play in my life and growth. 😘

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9 months ago

Cuz we are beautiful and I miss her dearly. Thank you for coming to Puerto Rico to visit me. Being a photographer for so many things we had going on. For supporting the work being done there in the ways you have. Supporting me and my craziness, with all my flaws. I love you so much. Thank you for helping me figure out how to get free. @thatgirltiny_

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Support this dope radical group in Puerto Rico that I had the privilege to work with as they continue to build a more inclusive leftist movement.

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Please take the time to read this message from an amazing person, friend, and revolutionary in Puerto Rico. She needs to raise money to pay her tuition for University of Puerto Rico. Anything you can give please do. Her PayPal email is Nicolle.teresa@gmail.com and her Venmo is @NicolleTeresa. Some may suggest we do a gofundme or something like that. Unfortunately most of those services don’t work at all in Puerto Rico because they aren’t compatible with any Puerto Rican banks. The others have really high rates they charge for transfer to PR banks. Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated. “I am one of many students of the UPR system, that if I do not collect over a thousand plus dollars, I will be kept out of the university completely. I returned a year ago, after 6 years of working to survive, taking care of my son, struggling with his health condition, which thankfully is now stable, and learning other things like being a Community Doula and Agroecology. Now I only have 3 semesters to graduate from my Bachelors Degree, but as some of you may know and some of you may not I pay twice to the UPR due to tuition hikes. Because of government exclusions I have not been eligible to receive scholarships since I returned. It gives me a lot of courage, anger and a thousand other emotions that this is happening to us. I am monomarental mother, worker, community organizer, feisty Puerto Rican literature student and I want to finish my Bachelors Degree. I do not need that diploma, I want to finish because I'm the first in my family who had the opportunity to be in the UPR, I want to finish because I fought to return and complete each semester, child on my back and full-time work, with A and B my classes. Nobody paid anything for me, I want to finish because I love Puerto Rican literature and culture that we are rewriting. I want to finish my Bachelors Degree because in these times it is an act of resistance.” (Translated by Me)

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The first 4 pictures are me and my partner participating in a brigade at @centrosocialelhormiguero where we helped clean up the parking lot of this building that has been reclaimed and repurposed by the people as an organizational community center used for so many powerful thing. I’m so thankful for what I learned while there from them and what they are doing to reclaim space and resources for Puerto Rican people through acts of resistance. The video (5) was outside of the low income student housing at University of Puerto Rico (UPR). It says “Con Alza, Sin Techo, Sin UPR” and “De aquí no nos vamos” “With rise, without roof, without UPR” First one alludes to the rise in price of the university, the attempt of the school to remove students from the low income housing without an alternative, there will be no UPR for them. “From here we will not leave” This is their declaration of resistance from being removed from their low income housing due to announced renovations without an alternative place to stay during said renovations. Most of these students come from towns far away from the campus and wouldn’t be able to commute back and forth to UPR. So leaving this housing without any replacement options close by that they can afford would mean the end of their access to education. 6th image shows community book sharing that happens a lot throughout the metro San Juan area, especially Santurce. You’re able to take or leave books at will here. It’s a push for greater access to educational material. The last 3 images shows the feelings of some people on the island to the fiscal control board who is a group of non-elected officials appointed by US congress to oversee all financial decisions on the island. Some view it as a mechanism to ensure Puerto Rico prioritizes debt payment over hurricane recovery/preparation as well as public services like public education. Then the next picture is of the current governor and the secretary of education calling them assassins of public education. Some have described her as being very similar to Betsy DeVoe but it seems she has had greater impact on that privatization agenda than Betsy has at this point.

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Day 16 on the island. Got to be a very powerful vigil yesterday and this morning. Bringing shoes to represent our hermanxs, tixs, abuelos, primxs, y amigxs en la isla that the US and Puerto Rican governments refuse to count. 4,645 according to a recently published Harvard study when both governments are sticking with their reported number of 64. These shoes were placed in front of the capital building here in Puerto Rico. It started yesterday at 11 am and is still going as of this morning. People are still bringing shoes and adding names. #4645boricuas #4645 #FreePuertoRico #PuertoRico

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Via @femalecollective If you don’t think you’ve done it before as a man you were probably just too blind to notice. I know damn sure I’ve done it before. I’ve had some great ppl check me on it (men and women). Let’s do better y’all.

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Late day 3 post. I’m exhausted. But inspired by all the beauty and resistance. My comrades at Universidad sin Fronteras (UNISF) are everything I hope to be as an organizer. So thankful to learn from them in just one (4 hour) meeting. So much work to do. But ready to do it. —————————— The quote in the last picture “Los jóvenes tienen el deber de defender su patria con las armas del conocimiento.” I think this captures what UNISF is trying to do pretty well. —————————— #FreePuertoRico

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Day 2 on the island. Also Haitian flag day. We all should learn from Haitian historic resistance and it’s beauty. Shouts to all the Haitian comrades and all the Rican comrades fighting for the freedom of the “third world”. #HaitianFlagDay #FreePuertoRico

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What happened today was disgusting. United States political apparatus has that much more blood on its hands. The “state of Israel” has so much blood on its hands. #FreePalestine

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