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13 hours ago

Nose art became a tradition in the ‘40s but something about this nose art reminds me of the ‘70s. Found in a years full of old airplane parts. Bonus points to anyone who can identify the type of airplane it once lived on.

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4 days ago

Sometimes, when you have a passenger on board you really want to impress you have to work a little harder to give your landing that extra smooth touchdown. And then immediately play it off like it’s no big deal and you do it all the time. 📸: @kayliejohnson at Lake Forest Park, Washington

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6 days ago

Goofing around with some of my favorite photos and the @enlightpixaloop app. @einmoose took this shotfrom the Champ while I was chasing him in the T-6 during some dawn patrol a couple years ago.

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9 days ago

More from Saturday’s sunset N3N flight. When it was originally built in 1941, this N3N-3 was fitted with a Wright R-760 engine, today it boasts a Wright R-975 which nearly doubled the horsepower while preserving the original looks of the original engine by utilizing a similar style of front exhaust collector. With the help of a few close friends Dennis Sanders of @sandersaeronautics dedicated ten years of weekends to the restoration of what has likely become the finest flying example of an N3N in the world. Second to the Champ, it is the flyingest airplane in the fleet, and is always parked in the front of the hangar, full of fuel, and ready to go. at Eagles Nest Airport

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11 days ago

There’s just something special about watching the sunset between the end struts of a brightly colored biplane. It’s the kind of flying every pilot dreamt of as a kid, and the airplane evokes those same warm dreamy feelings about flying in even the most experienced pilots. at Eagles Nest Airport

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12 days ago

Stuck in traffic at the airport today. It’s really not that bad. at Eagles Nest Airport

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15 days ago

Is T-6 Tuesday a thing? Can it be? I haven’t flown in a while and I’m starting to get antsy so here’s one from a few weeks back.

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23 days ago

Since I started flying, I’ve always kept my logbook on my nightstand and before shutting out the light I meticulously fill in the details of the day’s flying. Its proven to be a rewarding habit to document my progress as a pilot, and catalogue my experiences like a diary. If my house were burning its the one thing I’d grab on the way out the door. I did some math yesterday and estimated that I burned more than 10,600 gallons of avgas in 2018 and covered some 50,000 miles in airplanes. Cheers to cheaper gas in 2019!

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25 days ago

When I was a kid, going to airshows and hanging around airports, I never gave much thought to the T-6. It’s not as fast as the other warbirds of it’s generation. It’s not as slender as a Mustang, it’s not as brutish as the P-47, not as graceful as the Spitfire, and not as unique as the Corsair. But the T-6 more than compensates for its shortcomings with its personality. You might just have to fly one to understand it, but once you do it is undeniable and unforgettable. at Eagles Nest Airport

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1 month ago

Some days it feels like it takes forever for the skies to clear up, but when they do... at Lake Camanche North Shore

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1 month ago

I got my start in warbirds by volunteering as a rag-wrench for the @collingsfoundation Wings of Freedom tour. I spent a few months on tour with them and got to ride around New England in the B-17, B-24, and occasionally the Mustang. The nose of the B-17 was always the place to be during the evening flights. at East Glenville, New York

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1 month ago

The size of the Avenger always astounds me. At 18,000 pounds fully loaded, it is the largest and heaviest single-engine airplane of WWII, and it was a carrier airplane at that. at Eagles Nest Airport

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1 month ago

Chased Dennis Sanders around the skies over Ione, CA for the annual Christmas parade on Saturday. at Eagles Nest Airport

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2 months ago

As far as flying at sunset goes, I highly recommend an Aeronca.

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2 months ago

I had my first Sea Fury ride 6 years ago today. It was epic to see Dreadnought all cleaned up right off our wing. at Ione, California

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