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Watch my STORY for an exclusive @zumba event ...right now β€”- Just the beginning of something new

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Creating ... CHEERLEADERS in 1 corner Stage dancers in the middl Field dancers in the front ... All at the same time πŸ” @nfl #PROBOWL halftime πŸ–€πŸ†πŸ”₯πŸ’™

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Back up ... βœ… Song β€’ GOAT @ericbellinger Choreo β€’ @nicolekirkland_ Danced β€’ #beautyndabeast Filmed β€’ @tmillytv @rudeboydonovan ___________________________________________________ I am a grown MAN. I hold myself the way I want. I am a good role model. I say that knowingly and proudly. I am open and in touch with myself as a growing person . As a GROWN MAN I am allowed and fine to express and post however I feel on PERSONAL INSTAGRAM . Again, let me repeat my PERSONAL INSTAGRAM. Not my company, not our business , but my own damn expression of my personal life. I censor myself CONSTANTLY - yes, might be shocking but TRUST , I do!!!! I am a free spirit. I don’t promote that you need to show your body or be sexual to gain success. OR DANCE TO CERTAIN SONGS ... I promote being a strong YOUNG PERSON with a strong mind and confidence in who you YOU CAN BE , WHO YOU ARE and what you stand for. ___________________________________________________ Focusing on a dance video, when there is plenty evil and worse things and people in this world is petty and PLANNED FA SHOOOO. YOU ARE looking for reasons to dislike us. COMES WITH TERRITORY I guess .. Mixed couple , Black man , new ways ... >>> Keep looking. We are actually good and happy people. And I know a lot of GHOST FOLLOWERS , can’t stand it :) thanks for the push. ___________________________________________________ ALSO @nicolekirkland_ THANK YOU for creating an OPEN and free space for woman AND men to come and express. People have so much anger for woman dancing β€œoverly sexual” or β€œraunchy” but you are actually breaking so many woman out of their insecure shells and make them feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. I witnessed it, and was proud of you for it. Shut out the noise. It’s all AN OPINION. Which everyone is allowed to. Some people just value theirs a bit too much. Keep rising. Love you. EVERYONE DO YOU . AND ITS OK TO HAVE MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF YOU I have 1000000z

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COMING SOON #COCKINESS @badgalriri β€”- US #BNBchoreo @tmillytv β€” #spiritualPANTS β€”- Imma start actually pushing myself in performance again . I teach to to teach / I worry about how I do last ... and sometimes it shows . DONE WITH that ... Imma be a great teacher / mentor / motivator / and push myself when I choose to also dance the piece ... especially next to the greatest FEMALE executer of all time @janelleginestra

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