4 days ago

Come learn the basics of a small scale composting system, whether you’re recycling your kitchen scraps at home, managing a few acres of garden, or out to make a fantastic soil amendment by the wheelbarrow load!

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6 days ago

For 2019, we have big goals for our garden: to grow and dry herbs that can be used in our tallow department, On-Farm Restaurant, and for tea blends to sell in our General Store.

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7 days ago

We love having Kiersten, our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Manager, as a part of our farm family. She's one of the first to arrive on the farm each day and we're thankful for her early morning cheerfulness and her passion for farming. #blog #linkinbio

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8 days ago

Savoring every bite.

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10 days ago

We are excited to make some new friends at Gumption 2019! Hope to see you there!

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11 days ago

Check out our new blog with online store SALE info & a recipe for corned beef and cabbage. Just in time for #stpatricksday!

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12 days ago

We loved showing the @wholefoods Savannah Whole Body team around the farm this week!

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14 days ago

Even guard dogs have a tough time coming to work on a Monday. 😝

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16 days ago

Fueling the body with #wop greens, carrots, and Grassfed beef!

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18 days ago

We’re working on a new tallow lip balm recipe that includes our honey! It’s going to be tasty!

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20 days ago

Check out our #blogpost today for a delicious Pasture-Raised Chicken & Cajun Sausage Gumbo recipe you must try!

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23 days ago

Check out our recent blog post to learn about @firecider_ , one of the best-selling items available at our General Store!

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24 days ago

These #farmfresh vegetables taste even better knowing how much work it takes to get from seed to harvest.

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29 days ago

This group learned to make their own leather clutch yesterday! They turned out perfect, with their specific likes and needs in mind.

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