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• Aesthetic • I fell in love with Bukowski in college. I was going through a breakup at the time, and connected with the way he wrote about the dark side of love - a messy, heartbreaking, incongruous state that leaves you breathless, yet thirsting for more. Since, I’ve developed an almost kismet-like relationship with Bukowski, discovering new poems that seem to perfectly annotate significant moments in my life. . This present moment feels like a significant one in the making. Often, I’ve found myself waiting for something to just happen; forgetting that my most meaningful accomplishments have occurred when I’ve rolled up my sleeves, unabashedly stared fear in the face and did the work. 2019 for me is going to be all about doing the work. I’m honestly not sure what this year has in store but, I have a feeling it’s going to be the most extraordinary one yet. . . #charlesbukowski #bukowskiquotes #poetry #logophile #wwmw at Los Angeles, California

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3 months ago

• Mood • 10 hours of travel for me converts to: 239 pages read of a perspective changing book, 8lbs of snacks eaten, all the new music I've been putting off the last month being listened to and waking up with the darkest undereye bags; but, I am oh so very happy to be with my family. Merry Christmas Eve, everyone. 🎄🎁 . . . #idmagazine #adutaketch #fashion #ootd #photography #editorialphotography at Sanford, Maine

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