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@west.ash.designs  handwoven textiles 〰️ slow and thoughtful production with modern design created by: Katie Oberton • maker • weaver • mother


2 days ago

Color block rainbow scarf. Perfect for these cool spring mornings! Now available online, and in person tomorrow at Shaping Fashion @theholdenroom from 10am - 3pm.

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3 days ago

Scenes from last weeks date night ✨✨

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6 days ago

Handwoven tea towel. The perfect companion to a bowl of granola 🥣. These will be available in the shop by the end of the week!

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10 days ago

Throwback to sunnier days ☀️

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13 days ago

Upcoming events 〰️ I’m excited to have 3 in-person shopping opportunities in the next month or so for all of you local Twin Cities people. I’ll be bringing a lot of what I have online as well as a few things that are currently in-person only. Like these coin purses 👆🏻, earrings, and scarves! Here’s where you can find me: . • Shaping Fashion, April 20th, The Holden Room • Craft’za, May 11th, Grainbelt Bottling House • Art-a-Whirl, May17-19th, Northrup King Building, Suite 211 . ✨See you there!

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17 days ago

Fun fact: I’m very picky about the scarves I wear. It has to keep me warm (duh), it has to be long enough to double wrap it, it has to be easy to clean, it has to be wide enough to use it as a shawl or small blanket, and it has to be small enough to fit into my bag (which is normally a backpack). Easy enough, right? 😉 Well I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere. At least not something handmade or ethically made. So I made it. My perfect scarf. It’s functional, comfortable, and oh so pretty. Coming online at the end of May!

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19 days ago

Handwoven cotton scarves. These are my everything. Soft, big, and so colorful! I’ll be debuting them at the Shaping Fashion market on April 20th at the Holden Room as part of Fashion Revolution week! I’m so happy to be a part of this event that brings awareness to ethical and sustainable textile practices! Come see me and other amazing vendors!

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20 days ago

At my last market, someone asked if I had anything without pink. At first I thought, of course! But then after looking at my table, I realized, nope I guess not. I realized how much I use pink, and how much I’m drawn to it. Isn’t that funny how sometimes you don’t even notice all you create. It takes someone else’s eyes to truly see what you make. #mondaymusings

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24 days ago

Fiber friends! I have two yarn packs left in my shop, and both are on sale! 🧶

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25 days ago

Two nights ago my husband asked me what my dream for my business is. And I couldn’t say. I could imagine and picture what I want and where I want to go with this, but I couldn’t articulate it into words. Dreams are funny like that, huh? I’ve since been able to tell him some of my dreams, but it still wasn’t that clear. I have a very specific vision of how I want my business to look, and sometimes that (apparently) means I can’t tell others because it only makes sense to me. So that’s where I’m going. Toward my dream. No matter who can understand it or not. To all you dreamers, keep moving forward. It will get more clear with each day.

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27 days ago

Your favorite new spring/summer bag now has a strap for all of your hands free needs! Only one left in the shop!

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1 month ago

Hi! It’s me! hugging some handwoven cloth and staring out my window, you know, casual everyday stuff. I thought it’s time to do another intro post. I’m Katie, the woman behind West Ash Designs. During the day I’m a social worker at a local non-profit, and at night I’m a weaver, maker, toy wrangler, book reader, and Netflix watcher. I’m always a mother and a wife and a (somewhat) regular human being. I love coffee, yoga, happy hour, candy, and snacks. I have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, and for that I am sorry. I’m a shy introvert, and have some social anxiety, so if we meet in person I may be awkward. But that’s just me. I love this weaving business, and have some big dreams and goals. Thanks for following along and supporting me! If you wish, feel free to share about yourself in the comments. I’d love to hear! But no worries if you don’t, I’m one of those internet lerkers, and it’s ok if you are too 😊

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1 month ago

About 3 years ago we quit using paper towels in our house. I realized how much waste we were producing, used up the last of what we had, and that was it. We started using cloth napkins for meals and rags for spills and cleaning. Our cloth napkins have lasted us years making it a more sustainable option. We’re definitely not perfect with this and still produce a lot of waste, but small steps in sustainability can go a long way. So these handwoven napkins are extra special to me. They’re handmade, sustainable, and a much more beautiful option than paper towels! Now available in the shop!

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1 month ago

Weekend weaving 〰️

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1 month ago

Planning colorways is one of my favorite parts of the process. ✨✨

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1 month ago

Weaving in real time 〰️ I push peddles (aka treadles) to lift the string up, which allows room for the boat shuttle to be sent through making a pattern and weaving.

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2 months ago

Bag straps will be coming tomorrow to the FeMNist Day Night Market! And online next week! Oh and I’m open for hand modeling gigs now. I mean look at how natural and un-posed I am. 😉

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2 months ago

New earrings will be showing up at the FeMNist Day Night Market this Friday!

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