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@waxlarry  The prime example of a dying breed Shoot em down with a peace sign #THEMOVEMENT #POSITIVITYLARRY

20 days ago

I don't have many pictures of us and can't take the quality ones this babe wants but here is a gem of a picture from Cuba. When the only worry I hadwas not puking on the boat from being so hungover and still did. Very appreciative of this woman and the things she does for me on a daily basis . Today I wasn't just thinking of the sunshine and heat but the memories I get to make with her. Very proud to call her my fiance . To the most beautiful understanding and bougie woman ever, cheers. ❤ #fiance #beautiful #catamaran #boat #happy #soinlove #babyfarts @kitttyforeman at Atlantic Ocean

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3 months ago

I had this whole speech planned out and everything in my mind that I wanted to say. I got up there on the microphone and totally lost my thought because I was so nervouse. I got it out tho and I am so in love with this girl. Here is to 100 years of loving you . Here is one of the most happiest days of my life. I will always love and take care and adore you just like the moment I first had the privilege of being in you're presents. I love you Reilly and im so stoaked for our future! #happy #gotparentsblessings #hitched #beautiful #engagment #mybeautifulfiance #sohappy

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6 months ago

Very very lucky and counting my blessings everyday that I get to spend my time beside this GEM of a woman. One of the biggest hearts I know and such a good person. She is intriguing,interesting and so many more adjectives that I don't even know how to spell. I am just very happy. And VERY happy she got to spend her first CNE trip with me and my family. #girlfriend #happy #happypeople #wedonthaveverymanypictures #love #friendship #cne #greatday #soinlove

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7 months ago

Very self explanatory. My buddy joey fucking kills it at @headlesshorsemantattoo go check him out ! I don't trust a lot of people to touch my body when it comes to peircings , haircuts , or tattoos or anything for that matter. Seriously go check him out!

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8 months ago

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