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Train track town. at France

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Le vélo vide. at Vitré

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After nearly 2 months away from social media, I found a new light within myself. Sometimes as humans we become too focused on a skewed reality, thinking that we must be what someone else is. Social media should not turn into anxiety, stress, or a burden of the mind. It should not be a sinkhole of comparison and insecurities. It should not be a place where self-worth is valued by double-taps or numbers. I stopped and asked myself, “wtf am I doing this for?” I didn’t pick up my camera for 2 months...that’s when I finally figured my shit out. I do this because I love photography and want to always push myself to become better at what I love. Not for others, but for myself. Maybe we try too hard to be better for someone else’s eyes, and in the process blind ourselves...blind ourselves from seeing our own reflection. I guess my rant is to say that you need to remind yourself, daily, to be the version of yourself that YOU want to be. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to look at what I do. I appreciate it, even if you don’t like it. So in the end, why keep social media? Well, because I hope to continue sharing what I see in this beautiful world during the time I have on it. I just enjoy sharing what I love to do. A piece of advice I am going to consciously follow more...do what you love, and do it for you. at Planet Earth

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Ma belle ❤️

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