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2 days ago

πŸ“Έ+ 🌴 + πŸŒ„ = ClichΓ© Photograph Opportunity

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11 days ago

Variant Malibu - will share more later about this great project, but for now I am excited to be a part of their build out. at Malibu, California

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1 month ago

This one time (3x actually) I went to Tbilisi, Georgia. That’s all, just letting you know I went there and besides my own mom’s cooking, this nation has the most delicious food and wine you’ll ever have. Also I saw this little piggy at the market but no pork on my fork. . . . #tblisi #georgiaπŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ #tbilisiphoto #pig ....... #pigsofinstagram 😬 risky hashtag at Tbilisi, Georgia

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1 month ago

I was trying to get an airplane in the puddle reflection but I will settle for this bird. at Newport Beach, California

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