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Yesss! I am letting go & trusting myself more 🙏✨ #vybesource

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“The moment you decide to listen to an inner calling for something greater in your life, you are the road to success. Inner peace shows up when your energy is going into a vision that you can believe in & get passionate about. Success is near for you.” — @shawn_vybes 🙏✨ #vybesource

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Experience what Numerology says about your life only using your first name and birthdate. ✨🌕 Link In Bio 👉 @VybeSource — “My friends, myself and millions of others did this numerology reading and everyone has been shocked by the results. It’s so accurate, it’s just mind blowing.. check out your free reading, and if you want to get more in depth get your own full reading. You won’t regret because full reading will help and give you guidance for all aspects in your life. 69 pages ebook all about you, your path and purpose. Just try it, it’s mind blowing.. if for any reason you don’t like it you can get your refund, but I’m 💯 sure you’ll be amazed and in love with accuracy.” - Link in bio 👉 @VybeSource ✨🌕🍃

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Energy flows where your attention goes. ✨ #vybesource

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Go watch the full conversation on our new podcast “WOKE AF” with @kameronwaters || YouTube > Vybe Source > Or click the link in our bio 👉 @vybesource

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“EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT FOR ME! Don’t worry if you don’t see changes right away. Your mental reality is shifting and soon your outer reality will match your internal state. Be patient with yourself. We're so stressed out these days, because we believe everything needs to happen right now. We forget that everything happens in perfect timing. We always want everything to happen instantly. If we don't see anything changing on the outside, we start to lose faith in the power to manifest our reality. We even might start doubting if it's even real or possible. You can't plant the seed and instantly pull it out to see if anything is growing. Your role now is to water the thoughts, habits, and beliefs you want to manifest externally. Soon you will see what you've planted come into fruition. We have to be more patient and more trusting as we are doing the inner work. You are making a lot of changes in your life and the energy of your mind, body, and soul is shifting to a higher frequency to align you to new experiences, new habits, new people, new energy, and a whole new mindset. Everything will suddenly change for you. It will all happen. However, your number one focus right now is to continue making the changes and don't give up on yourself. Keep watering your seed. Give yourself the space you need to reconnect with inner-self. Keep reminding yourself why you even wanted to change in the first place. Deep down within your soul you knew you deserved more out of life than what you used to settle for. Now that you're going to be more patient, you'll be allowing the work to be done through you and for you. Soon you will notice the results of your efforts. You will see how powerful you are. You will notice that you have the ability to fully transform your life. Give yourself credit right now. You're on a beautiful journey.” ✏️ @idillionaire Comment if you're going to be more PATIENT with yourself! Tag someone to inspire ✨🙏✨ #vybesource

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