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2 days ago

Found a discount makeup store and bought a lot of nail varnish 💅🏻 #friends #birmingham

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5 days ago

This show has literally changed my whole life and aesthetic round, it is very important to me and I’m WEEPING #strangerthings #strangerthings3

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8 days ago

Regardless of the actual film I can’t stop thinking about Captain Marvel. Going to the Avengers initiative in London in a couple of weeks, and I currently don’t have the time to get an entire marvel cosplay in time so I bought a fun themed outfit instead! I will be using this bag a lot as I actually don’t have a small side bag! #captainmarvel #marvel #caroldanvers #disney

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11 days ago

So captain Marvel was: okay. I had fun with it but, I can absolutely see why people would get bored of it. It was a bit one note and it took the whole film to warm up to Carol. Ended up really loving her even she was a little wooden at times. Overall probably a 6/10 #captainmarvel

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19 days ago

Thought I’d do something a little more challenging today! (First one filtered just so it fits with my feed) I’ve actually done a Handsome Jack test before, but it was about 3 years ago so I figured it needed an update. Wig is my Steve wig and some of the lines are a lil messy 😬 Took front facing phone ones too but these just looked better 🤔 OH NO I FORGOT HIS SIDEBURNS. SHH #borderlands #TFTB #handsomejack #cosplay #makeup #cartoon #cosplay #cartoonmakeup #cosplaymakeup #borderlandsmakeup #borderlandscosplay #malemakeup

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23 days ago

TODAY IS 23 / 19!!!!!

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28 days ago

Handsome fluffer also grabbed a bunch of padded shirts and a new pair of shorts today! We’ll definitely be going to kilo markets as often as we can, they have such good/ unique finds in them! 🌸 #bear #beard #bearded #kilomarket

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