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2 days ago

Tell us how much you love your #Vitamix

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4 days ago

Serve up some love this week by creating our mouth-watering Avocado Chocolate Torte. Get the recipe with the link in bio. (It’s vegan too!)

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6 days ago

Whether you're feeling sweet for this week or not, #Vitamix has got you covered. Check out our IG Story for an irresistible Valentine's Day Menu.

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8 days ago

Fall in love with our Beetroot Hummus recipe that tastes just as good as it looks. Try it out now with the link in our bio.

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11 days ago

Our Chocolate Hazelnut Spread recipe, because we love you. From: Vitamix (Link in Bio)😉

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14 days ago

We don't mean to brag but our dips are #SUPER good. Taste it for yourself following the link in #bio.

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15 days ago

Team Not-So Cheese or Team Salsa? There's no losing with these #super dips. Check out the recipes in our Story and comment below with your own winning snack!

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16 days ago

For tips, tricks, or service related questions, visit to learn more!

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19 days ago

Chocolate hummus...enough said. Head over to @joyfoodsunshine’s profile for this twist on a traditional snack.

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23 days ago

Three easy ingredients in 10 minutes or less with zero preservatives. This Fig Jam is delicious atop bread or cheese. Recipe link in bio.

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26 days ago

Dress up winter greens with Roasted Vegetable Vinaigrette for a #healthy and delicious meal. Click the link in bio for #recipe.

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