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1 day ago

"That moment of picking your line as you are whipping past trees. Trees on both sides of you, trees as far as the eye can see. Trying not to second guess yourself. Trying to be smart in your choices, with an end goal fitting though the line you have already chosen. Not to hit one, not to get stuck, and with looking back with a grin on your face just thinking to yourself "it worked!" "I made it!" Those are the thrills we are all after ." . 📸 : @tks.colorado . #coloradolive #igcolorado #snowsperfectstate #coloradotography #snow #snow #ski at Durango, Colorado

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2 days ago

"Mountains are sincere. They have rules - harsh ones - but if you follow them, you're safe. Humans aren't like that. And it is those imperfections of being human - the abilities to lie and change the rules and think of ourselves first - that make mountains so attractive and incredible, pulling more and more of us like a magnet." . 📸 : @liz_inthewild . #coloradolive #igcolorado #snowsperfectstate #molaspass at Durango, Colorado

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