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@vhsheat  O'Neil Gaudet 📍Boston, MA 📼 Hardcore VHS collector 🔥 When the videotapes still hot out the VCR 🤯 I like to make the irrelevant less eerie 💯📺📦🌎♻️

4 days ago

All these DVD movies and not one Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

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15 days ago

🎼Got no stress, I’ve been through all that I’m like a Marlboro man so I kick on back Wish I could roll on back to that old town road I wanna ride ‘til I can’t no more 🎶

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21 days ago

Bet you never seen 3 Speed 2’s at once. My Speed 2 comprehensive review: I actually don’t hate this movie

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23 days ago

$2 movies + $3 flat rate shipping

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23 days ago

One of my all-time favourite films, Toy Story in French... am I cool yet?

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26 days ago

And the Duke Blue Zions survive and advance #thisismarch

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27 days ago

I think every great IG has its own hashtag or 2. #vhsheat is fine but I’m talking specifics... a few times I’ve tried #vhsstickersunday but c’mon, who’s really gonna type all that out for something so specific when there’s not even a prize involved? Studies show only 32% of you are still reading this right now... and somehow I expect to start a new hashtag at this very moment because I don’t know anything about this movie but it was 25 cents and looks crazy intriguing?!? You bet your ass #cutboxsaturday

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30 days ago

I don’t love reselling my favorite tapes but sometimes just needa ebay auction some things. Check it on the Bay if you’d like some Arnold! in your home collection

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1 month ago

Whatta win for @hornycookiemonster on the Promo Tape Promo Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered. I was hoping the giveaway would help get me over the hump to 20k followers, but looks like we’ll be doing a few more of these tape giveaways. Thanks again for sharing and we’ll see ya next time!

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1 month ago

I mean at what point is it time to switch the account to @dvdheat? Just one trip to the thrift and you have activities for indoors, in tanks, in gyms, and in a backyard with a tree house fire pole. Oh yeah.... and to whoever donated that Backyard Football DVD that I’ve never known existed as an EMPTY CASE?!? I will find you... and I will ask you if you still have the dvd cause that’d be sweet and I’d love to watch it 🤗💿📀🔥🚨

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1 month ago

Instagram is great for connecting people with like minded interests. Anyone else jigs not jogs? at Ireland (country)

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1 month ago

Treat yourself to some green clams today 🤤🍀

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1 month ago

Sheesh... buy a tape for a quarter and pay DOUBLE if you don’t rewind. If you can’t be kind to others, at least be kind to your bank account #vhsstickers but also just be kind to each other

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1 month ago

PROMOTIONAL GIVEAWAY. Quite literally. I’ve had this brilliant idea for a while now... promo tapes for a promo giveaway 💡🤯 . . I genuinely don’t know how people feel about promo tapes but I’ll always love them. These copies were sent to videostores before the general public homevideo release... under FBI law protection NOT FOR RENT OR SALE. Most times a screening graphic will appear during the movie with a phone number to homeland security or some message about piracy. Serious shit. But they never said nothin bout no giveaways. . . How to enter 1. Follow @vhsheat 2. “Like” this picture 3. Tag 2 or more accounts. . . Promotional Contest will end Tues March 19 @ 11:59 pm. One winner will be picked at random and will win all 30 movies shown. Just because of the volume, this giveaway is US only. (Sorry @curtiscoffee). . . Over the years these promo/screener tapes have found their way into my collection and I’d love to share them. If you see something a friend would love to have, tag them !! If you see something you like maybe just comment the movie title accompanied by a punctuation or emoji flair or nothing at all. Ultimately I wanna connect with more people and talk about good and terrible movies we love to love or love to not love. Thanks guys and good luck

83 48
1 month ago

Awful lot of prices posted up on this @titanic_on_vhs. My personal favourite is the $22 Sprint Sense Day mail in rebate (Sorry guys I checked, expired in ‘99)

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