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@vayumudra  Naked feel yoga apparel for yogis to move more freely - Take your yoga practice to new dimensions ▪️Share your journey #vayumudratribe ▪️Free shipping

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Share your progress, challenges, and success with the rest!✨ - #vayumudratribe is a global yoga community created to help, connect and inspire yogis on their yoga journey! - @estefania_olavide sharing her wonderful home yoga practice with the tribe! - Wearing Plum Vayumudra yoga set. - #yoga #community at Tyrol

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Have you ever tried this incredible bridge pose variation? - As a very dedicated and passionate yogi, does love to challenge herself by coming up with new creative variations! - If you ever need “pose inspiration” then definitely check out Kristina’s page! - Wearing Parchment Vayumudra yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #asana #variation #yoga

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Over the past years has @sarahuactive started to accept herself for the amazing person she is, and experienced much less of the self-doubt that sometimes crept up on her! Yoga has been a big part of this journey of self love. By realizing she couldn’t have “straighter legs” or more “narrow hips”, and instead just focus on building strength, flexibly and being more resistant, has really taken her self confidence to new dimensions! - Has yoga had an similar impact on your life? Please share with the community✨ - #vayumudratribe #yoga #journey #mindset at Portugal

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Practicing yoga with friends can make the journey even more fun. You might be more likely to stick with it, and you get to spend time with someone you like! If you have never practiced yoga before, it’s a great idea to join a class with a friend to get started✨😀 - @yogiwhotravel 🇫🇷 @blessedyoga 🇬🇧 @jentlydoesityoga 🇬🇧 got to know each other at a YTT in Los Angeles a few years back, and have been really close friends ever since! Today, do they try to meet every month for workshops and yoga in London✨👏 - Girls are mixing and matching Vayumudra yoga apparel. - #vayumudratribe #yogis at London, United Kingdom

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@dejavudru has started to focus even more on being positive and protecting her good energy by accepting she will come across individuals vibrating on a lower energy frequency. But instead move on, continue to spread unconditional love and happiness to her surrounding✨ - Wearing Portabella Vayumudra leggings. - #vayumudratribe #positivevibes #yogi #lifestyle at United States

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What up dawg!😄 - For how many seconds do you normally prefer to stay in your Upward-facing dog before continuing your sun salutations? - Sometimes we just rush through the sequence without truly enjoying the benefits of each pose... - @yogi_ghilly wearing Blue Ashes Vayumudra yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #upwardfacingdog #yoga #asana at United Kingdom

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If you are new to forearm balances, then begin with the support of a wall and gradually improve your technique and balance. Just be patient and enjoy the process of getting there. @emilyhyoga is a living proof of this formula 😊👏 - Wearing Vayumudra Gold Edition leggings✨ - #vayumudratribe #yoga #inversion at United Kingdom

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Do you ever wake up in the morning with thoughts such as; what life am I living? what’s my purpose? and just feeling like a tiny creature in an endless universe? Those are the days @shylasvsyoga force you to prioritize yourself and spend time with mindfulness and really find the small things in life that you are grateful for! What’s your tips for challenging days like this? Please share with the community⬇️🙏 #vayumudratribe #mindset #yogi #positivity at Madrid, Spain

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14 days ago has been focusing more on her self compassion recently. And encourage everyone to use a self compassionate language that is soft, encouraging and kind! The more you practice this, the easier it is to make decisions from your heart✨ • Wearing Vayumudra yoga apparel • #vayumudratribe #yogi #mindset #heartset at United States

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An essential yoga asana that @shreeyoga strongly advice all new yogis to constantly practice in order to safely learn inversions, is the Salamba Sarvangasana or Shoulderstand! The benefits of this pose are endless, and it’s fun too!✨😀 - Wearing Vayumudra yoga apparel. - #vayumudratribe #yoga #inversion at Australia

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