7 hours ago

Some days I look at old pics and it’s hard to not compare myself from then to now. When this pic was taken 2 years ago things weren’t perfect but I sure as shit didn’t feel as mentally and physically drained as I do these days. Anyway I still love this picture by @corwinprescott - the whole set is still over on SG, maybe one day I’ll feel this good again

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4 days ago

Happy Easter EveryBunny 🐰🐰

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4 days ago

Tired girl is tired. I have nothing new or interesting to post so here’s a selfie of my tired face.

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19 days ago

A wild booty appears

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19 days ago

Feeling some kinda way

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27 days ago

It’s my birthday and I’m not a fan of birthdays but I thought I’d share this picture taken by @orkadium during the @positivelyglittered shoot last year because after 31 years of being on this earth I need to remind myself constantly to say ‘Fuck it’ and do the things that make me happy and worry less about what others think and embrace my full self. I don’t want to spend another 31 years hating who I am and trying to fit what I think other people expect of me, because the reality is that being unhappy with yourself makes life fucking miserable and I don’t want to do that anymore. So happy birthday to me, now I’m going to go eat some cake 🎂

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1 month ago

Just some dumb hoe

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1 month ago

Felt cute on Friday and then felt like a troll yesterday. I’m too mentally and physically exhausted to fight my mental health at the moment. I need something to change but I don’t know what or how

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2 months ago

I love working for a company that lets me show my pride and be part of the #sydneymardigras 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 We’ve unfortunately got to be more conservative in what we wear because we are representing our company but I love seeing how fabulous everyone is dressed and the individuality and creativity that goes into the whole night. There is nothing better than celebrating people being their true authentic self. at Mardi Gras Parade, Oxford St

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2 months ago

My face is saying ‘Don’t fuck with me’ but my brain is saying ‘I really want a pink donut’ 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . Photo by @plumppfiction - all photos from this shoot are now live over on @suicidegirls for members only

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2 months ago

I meant to post this yesterday but I forgot. Happy me day, here’s a picture of my butt 🖤😂 Photo by @lizzieskyllas Lingerie from @unluckylingerie

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2 months ago

Wassup hoes 🤔

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3 months ago

What I write here is as insignificant as I am

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3 months ago

Something, something, something

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3 months ago

I miss my cute dork @sanitylastchance so damn much. If I could pack up my life today and move to him I would. I’m horrible at saving money so give me your budgeting suggestions and any suggestions of ways for me to make extra cash that doesn’t involve porn or getting a second job

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