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@uss_independence_cv88  ⚓CV-88 CLASS STEALTH CARRIER⚓ ⚓NICKNAME : ATLAS⚓ 👵Grandma :@grandma_independence 👵 💍💖Wife :@anime_mei_fujioka 💖💍

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-Ship Data Name : USS Independence Number and class : 2 LCS and 88 CV Type : Hybrid Stealth Assault Carrier Aircraft carried : 80+ including stealth bomber and helicopter Armament : Wonder Weapon (no pic as its confidential) 1 Twin Long Range Railgun equipped on right hand 1 Large Railgun Mounted on the Back at the right side near the sword holster 1 Missile box on the left shoulder 8 Tomahawk Cruise missile launcher 2 Updated RIM-162 Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) launcher 4 RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile 4 Phalanx CIWS 2 Sword Mace Features : Advanced Arresting Gear A AN/SPY-3 X Band multifunction radar and an AN/SPY-4 S Band volume search radar An Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch system Stealth Features-

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*carrys our son subaru as takao carrys kagura our daughter as kagura is looked like boy since her hair is still short* *kisses your head* i love you so much @takao_kancolle you are the only one that truely love me for who i am, you are the most beautiful and the most kindest woman that i ever met, i hope we can stay together forever ^W^ ⚓Follow⚓ ⚓admiral : @admiral_chrome ⚓ 👵My grandma : @grandma_independence 👵 ⚓My mentor or sensei : @hms.dragon ⚓ ⚓Comrades from russian : @mikhail_kutuzov_cruiser ⚓ ⚓Seniors : @cleveland_azur @uss._iowa_.bb61_ @iowachan61 @uss_horizon_cvn_100 @uss_hornet_cv8 @entterprise @enterprise_azur @arizona.kan @indianapolis.azurlane @missourisama @saratoga.chan @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.b.roberts.chan @honolulu_azurlane @st.louis_azur 💖Girlfriend : @takao_kancolle 💖 😺Praised neko :@_carrier_shinano_ 😺

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Hehe.. happy halloween everyone and how am i look in this SS Officer clothes ? (Sorry if i post this a bit late, i was busy yesterday) ⚓Follow⚓ ⚓admiral : @admiral_chrome ⚓ 👵My grandma : @assassin_uss_independence_ 👵 ⚓My mentor or sensei : @hms.dragon ⚓ ⚓Comrades from russian : @mikhail_kutuzov_cruiser ⚓ ⚓Seniors : @cleveland_azur @uss._iowa_.bb61_ @iowachan61 @uss_horizon_cvn_100 @uss_hornet_cv8 @entterprise @enterprise_azur @arizona.kan @indianapolis.azurlane @missourisama @saratoga.chan @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.b.roberts.chan @honolulu_azurlane @st.louis_azur 💖Girlfriend : @hamakaze_kancolle 💖 😺Praised neko :@_carrier_shinano_ 😺

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-Location : on the roof top of the main hall at the base Time : 9:25 pm- *Prom dance* *dances with you while others dance with their partner as Marriage D'Amour plays in the background* ⚓Follow⚓ ⚓admiral : @admiral_chrome ⚓ 👵My grandma : @assassin_uss_independence_ 👵 ⚓My mentor or sensei : @hms.dragon ⚓ ⚓Comrades from russian : @mikhail_kutuzov_cruiser ⚓ ⚓Seniors : @cleveland_azur @uss._iowa_.bb61_ @iowachan61 @uss_horizon_cvn_100 @uss_hornet_cv8 @entterprise @enterprise_azur @arizona.kan @indianapolis.azurlane @missourisama @saratoga.chan @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.b.roberts.chan @honolulu_azurlane @st.louis_azur 💖Girlfriend : @hamakaze_kancolle 💖 😺Praised neko :@_carrier_shinano_ 😺

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-Status : heavy damaged but still able to sail and able to launch planes Location : Somewhere around the Pacific Sea's Time : 14.00 PM Weather : cloudy- *Being ambushed by abyssal by sending a fake SOS signal to me, clothes is ripped since the damage is heavy* *holds my katana* and now ... Time where the real beast is out for striking its prey *eye pupil turns red* now ... i will take you all alone !!!! *sails fast towards all of them and start to fight all of them and not noticing if one of my fairy crew were sends an SOS signal to you* ⚓Follow⚓ ⚓admiral : @admiral_chrome ⚓ 👵My grandma : @uss_independence_ 👵 ⚓My mentor or sensei : @hms.dragon ⚓ ⚓Comrades from russian : @mikhail_kutuzov_cruiser ⚓ ⚓Seniors : @cleveland_azur @uss._iowa_.bb61_ @iowachan61 @uss_horizon_cvn_100 @uss_hornet_cv8 @entterprise @enterprise_azur @arizona.kan @indianapolis.azurlane @missourisama @saratoga.chan @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.b.roberts.chan @honolulu_azurlane @st.louis_azur ⚓special : @kongou.kan ⚓ 😺Praised neko :@_carrier_shinano_ 😺

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..... Okay then ... *loads my DP-28* want to report this ugly asshole ?@yummyjuicymemes

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-location : Honolulu, Hawaii, RIMPAC excercise day : 1, nation involved : 13, clock : 13.00 pm, temp : 29-32°C, wind speed : 4km/h, total ship in my squad : 32- *first tims leading the first squad of 13 nation ships while other nimitz class carrer leading another squadron with way more number of ships* commencing anti-submarine warfare excersises *launches 1 anti submarine bomber plane* *radio to everyone in my squad* good afternoom everyone, welcome to day 1 of the RIMPAC naval war games .. we are here to sharpen our skills as a team ... i'm excited to see what we learn .. be safe out there lookout for each other .. and keep charging .. this is independence, out

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-location : UN Naval base, weather : cloudy, temp : 24°c- No mission today ? *sighs* well .. what can we do besides doing excercise ? ... *drinks my coffee* ⚓Follow⚓ ⚓admiral : @admiral_chrome ⚓ 👵My grandma : @uss_independence_ 👵 ⚓My mentor or sensei : @hms.dragon ⚓ ⚓Comrades from russian : @mikhail_kutuzov_cruiser ⚓ ⚓Seniors : @cleveland_azur @uss._iowa_.bb61_ @iowachan61 @uss_horizon_cvn_100 @uss_hornet_cv8 @entterprise @enterprise_azur @arizona.kan @indianapolis.azurlane @missourisama @saratoga.chan @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.b.roberts.chan @honolulu_azurlane @st.louis_azur

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Its okay just say it ...

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*in the meeting room with admiral and the others* so .. their plan is to attack the british convoy that carry a special cargo for the Super Yamato, Montana and H-class battleship ? .. hmm okay admiral what is enemy ship class and numbers that we will face ? ⚓Follow⚓ ⚓admiral : @admiral_chrome ⚓ 👵My grandma : @uss_independence_ 👵 ⚓My mentor or sensei : @hms.dragon ⚓ ⚓Comrades from russian : @mikhail_kutuzov_cruiser ⚓ ⚓Seniors : @cleveland_azur @uss._iowa_.bb61_ @iowachan61 @uss_horizon_cvn_100 @uss_hornet_cv8 @entterprise @enterprise_azur @arizona.kan @indianapolis.azurlane @missourisama @saratoga.chan @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.b.roberts.chan @honolulu_azurlane @st.louis_azur

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Thanks for helping me with the hybrid progress @admiral_chrome now .. i could replace granny role as a carrier for the fleet

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*walking alone in the park during winter and was completely emotionless it means no feelings* ..... waiting .... waiting .... waiting ..... Follow My girlfriend : @taigei_kancolle My cute little maid : @hammann_azur My grandma : @uss_independence_ My mentor or sensei : @hms.dragon Comrades from russian : @mikhail_kutuzov_cruiser Seniors : @cleveland_azur @york.town_azur @uss._iowa_.bb61_ @iowachan61 @uss_excalibur_ddg_x @uss_hornet_cv8 @entterprise @enterprise_azur @arizona.kan @indianapolis.azurlane @missourisama @saratoga.chan @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.b.roberts.chan

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Dont forget to wear your coat taigei or you will sick *smiles and helps her to put it on* Follow My girlfriend : @taigei_kancolle My cute little maid : @hammann_azur My grandma : @uss_independence_ My mentor or sensei : @hms.dragon Comrades from russian : @mikhail_kutuzov_cruiser Seniors : @cleveland_azur @york.town_azur @uss._iowa_.bb61_ @iowachan61 @uss_excalibur_ddg_x @uss_hornet_cv8 @entterprise @enterprise_azur @arizona.kan @indianapolis.azurlane @missourisama @saratoga.chan @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.b.roberts.chan

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*view of an imposter disguise as one of the ships* by the time i came here .. number of shipgirls that have been raped and bang were increasing .... i heard many normal people disguise as one of us .. and flirt with one of the girls then you know what happen next ... since i heard it ... i start to hunt them down one by one.. some of them are a bad guys and gang members *shoot it and the imposter dies* by the time i'm done ... no more people that will disguise as one of us and then rape one of our ship girls in the navy Follow My girlfriend : @taigei_kancolle Kawaii maid : @hammann_azur Grandma : @uss_independence_ US NAVY Seniors : @intrepid.kan @iowa.kancolle @cleveland_azur @entterprise @saratoga.chan @uss_hornet_cv8 @uss_gambier_bay @samuel.roberts.kan @mighty_mobb63 @bb62_new_jersey @arizona.kan @uss_independence_ @uss_iowa_san @carrier_enterprise_cv6 Partners : @hms.dragon @uw_eiji Friends @javelin_azur_lane @warspite.chan @hms_cecilia @yahagi.kai @choukai.kan @battleship_mutsu.kan.kai @_battleship_musashi_ @yamato_kancolle @arashio.kan.kai @asashio.kan @kancolle_ise @naka_kaini @ayanami.kan @ayanami_azur @z3.kan @z1.leberecht_maass @pola.kan @littorio.battleship @roma.battleship.kan @aquila.chan #rp #kancolle #anime

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