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12 days ago

An Indian 50 mile Best Performance Getting both these guys in one pic! Congratulations Vikas Malik on a Best Indian Performance in a 50 miler, running up to the 4th position at the US 2019 Ice Age 50 miler, which was on May 11 in a time of 07:07:51 h, in LaGrange, WI, USA. Vikas just took the 50 miler Best Performance to a higher level for Indian ultra runners, which was earlier held by another wonderful Indian ultra runner, Arun Sarkar who had run a 07:17:50 h at the 14th Chicago Lakefront Fall 50M (USA) on 29 October 2016. Keep running long and strong @maliksmobility and Arun Sarkar @afiindia_official @starsportsindia @sportsstarsmagazine @ndtv @cnbctv18india @hindustantimes @the_hindu @thetimesofindia @starsportsindia

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1 month ago

Indian - Best Performance : 50 K and 100 K The MadCity Ultras marathon was held on 13th April 2019 in Madison, Wisconsin USA. The categories of 100 K, 50 K and relay are run on a 10 K paved loop around Lake Wingra. What could be interesting is that the MadCity 100 K is a USTAF National Championship race since 2008 – 09! The Women's course record for the 100K of 07:26:24 h is held by Ms Camille Herron since 2015, and Geoff Burns holds the Men's record of 06:30:37 h since 2016. In the 50 K race category, both men and women set a new course record with Craig Hunt completing the race in 02:51:34 h and Caroline Veltri in 03:27:28 h respectively. Vikas Malik who was member of the Indian team for the 2018 IAU 100K World Championships, ran on to the Podium in third place finishing the MadCity 50 K in 03:27:47 h, which is the next fastest 50 K ultra run by an Indian. Vinodkumar Shrinivas holds the fastest known time of 03:15:21 h by an Indian, which he achieved in 2014 at the XXXIV. Int. 50km-Lauf Grünheide/Kienbaum, Germany. At the 100 K World Championships held in Croatia last year, Vikas had completed the race in 08:27:55 h along side team mate Lt Cdr Abhinav Jha. This timing is also next to the Best Performance of 08:09:30 h held by Vinodkumar, which he achieved in 2012 at the Leipziger 100 km Lauf, am Auensee, Germany. Anjali Saraogi holds the Best Performance by an Indian Woman in the 100 K and 50 K race category. Anjali was the only Indian woman to represent the country at the 2018 IAU 100 K World Championships in which she clocked 09:40:35 h. A month later in October 2018, Anjali achieved the 50 K best performance by an Indian Woman of 04:22:20 h at the 1st Changan Ford Ultra Challenge 50km, China. In February 2019, Anjali won the 2nd @Tata Ultra Marathon 50 K in timing of 04:22:53 h. @afiindia_official @iau_ultrarunning #ultrarunning #ultrarunner #indiansports @ndtv @starsportsindia @cnbctv18india @hindustantimes @thetimesofindia @the_hindu

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2 months ago

2019 Trail World Championships, 08 June - Portugal Team Member - Radhey Kumar Thakur hails from the small little village of Chunera in the Kathua District of J&K. His growing years have seen him working in fields and travelling about 8 km to his school, and somewhere between there his love for sports grew. While friends he had had introduced him to wrestling, he got the better of them at running. His physical fitness and love for the outdoors attracted him to join the @bsf_india Border Security Force. The BSF has given him the platform to serve his nation in some of the most difficult terrains across the sub continent, and his running prowess earned him a place on the BSF Athletics squad. Since 2004 Radhey has been a podium winner in the Cross Country and Marathon events at the All India Police Games including setting a 2013 AIPG Meet Record in the Marathon. Getting into the mountain trails was like home coming for Radhey, when he tried out his legs at @thehellrace Solang Sky Ultra, a distance of 60K and +3575 m elevation gain. He comfortably ran on to the podium behind Tlanding Wahlang, now his 2019 Trail World Championship Team mate. Earlier this year in February, Radhey once again easily covered @thehellrace Deccan Ultra gingerly hopping over rocks and boulders along the 75 K route with an elevation gain of +2900 m. His performances earned him a race category cotation of 673 far exceeding the benchmark of 650, which was set by AFI for selecting the athletes for the Indian Team. @athletics_federation_of_india @iau_ultrarunning @itra_trail @trilhosdosabutres #ultrarunning #trailrunning @ndtv @hindustantimes @thetimesofindia @cnbctv18india @the_hindu

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2 months ago

2019 Trail World Championships, Portugal - 08 June 2019 Team Member - This @tcs_ltd , Bangalore employee comes from Chinnasalem a cosy village in Tamil Nadu. He gives credit for the person he is today, to his MOTHER who brought up three children through difficult times as a coolie. Ultra Running of India salutes this wonderful lady, the epitome of Woman Power. @Rajasekar Rajendran is team member of the Indian Team going to Portugal for the 2019 Trail World Championships. He has been running since 2010 while he was pursuing his Engineering Degree, but has focused more towards the sport since 2015. He is a sub 3 h marathoner having completed the @tatamummarathon 2019 in 2 hours 48 minutes. His performance at the The @malnadultra Ultra50K and the @thehellrace Deccan 50K Ultra has positioned this young lad to join the Indian Trail Running Team. His achievement is an outcome of inspiration, effort, running about 110 Km a week interspersed with some weight training, slow / fast workouts, interval training and core exercises which makes him the ultra trail runner he is. Indian Marathoner Gopi is his inspiration and he loves his running style and training methodology, which seems to have rubbed on to Rajasekar. His participation at the TWC is an encouragement to runners to move towards the sport of Trail Running. @athletics_federation_of_india @iau_ultrarunning @trilhosdosabutres @thetimesofindia @hindustantimes @the_hindu @ndtv @cnbctv18india #ultrarunning #trailrunning

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@Binay Sah RUNS 222 Km IN 24 HOURS ........ Pushing Indian ultra Runners and raising standards. It was strong and deliberate running over 24 hours which saw @Binay Sah cover an amazing distance of 222 km at the Tuffman 24 Hour Stadium Run at Chandigarh. Right from the start of the race at 6 pm on 9th Feb till 6 pm on 10th Feb, @Binay ran with the focus and confidence of covering 220 km and achieved 222 km. The only other Indian ultra runner to have run more than 220 Km was Ullas Narayana who had covered a distance of 250 Km at the Asia & Oceania Championships in December 2018. #ultrarunning #ultrarunners @athletics_federation_of_india @ndtv @cnbctv18india @thetimesofindia @hindustantimes @the_hindu

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2019 TRAIL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, 08TH JUNE, PORTUGAL Team Member- Nestled in the South West Khasi Hills and Khasi Jainta region of Meghalya in the district of Mawkyrwat is home of an emerging group of runners who make running seem as simple as breathing. Farming and raising cattle is their life style, and then they do something that comes naturally to them….RUN…..and they run long, strong and are destined to run far. From this little community of ‘farming runners’ surfaced the 40-year-old father to a daughter and three sons, who discovered the joy of running a race when he stood on the podium at the Cherrapunjee Marathon in 2015. “For someone who never got a chance to go to school and participate in such activities, this was the moment of a lifetime”, he says. Later that year he took his place on the victory stand at the Bengaluru Marathon finishing third in his age category with a time of 2 hours 49 minutes. Since then Tlanding Wahlang has been reducing his time spent on a marathon course finishing the 2019 IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon in 2 hours 35 minutes. When RUNmeghalaya took the Mawkyrwat Ultra 2017 to his village Shngimawlein, Tlanding knew he had to do it. He trained for and ran through his village on that 72 km course in 5 hour 43 minutes and then unassumingly waited at the finish line for the next 45 minutes for his fellow villager, Swonding Mawlong to arrive in next. In 2018 when Tlanding landed in Manali, for the The Hell Race 60 km Solang Skyultra having an elevation gain of 3575 meters, little did he know that finishing in a time of 7 hours 11 minutes would earn him a cotation of 650+ on the ITRA Performance Index, which eventually found him a place on the Indian Team for the 2019 Trail World Championships, Portugal. Tlanding trains about 120 – 150 Km, and much of his cross training involves working in his paddy field. “I admire and respect every runner who challenges himself to higher heights” say Tlanding, when asked who was his running idol. His diet comprises of plenty of rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Red rice water to hydrate and potatoes to eat takes him a long way during an ultra marathon.

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6 months ago

2018 IAU 24 Hour Asia & Oceania Championships..... updates from Taipei.

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6 months ago

🇮🇳 Team Member - 2018 IAU 24 Hour Asia & Oceania Championships, Taipei. Mamta Jaiswal is a Software engineer working in New Delhi. She says “I am at peace both body and soul while I am on a run and it has become a part of my life style”. She has to her credit a 151 km at the Self Transcendence 24 H at Lauf Basel. ‘Persistence and hard work’, is her mantra. #ultrarunning #sportsindia #ultramarathons #sportsauthorityofindia #indiasports #ultrarunningindia #ultramarathonindia @ultrarunningmag @cnbctv18india @sportsillustrated @hindustantimes @ndtv @thetimesofindia @athletics_federation_of_india @indiansportspersonalities

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