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2 hours ago

Little Chand (which means moon in Hindi) danced around her village with her fiery eyes smeared in dark Kajal. Her spirit was playful and fierce. I struggled to keep up with her as she bounced around, climbing walls and orbiting her family. For a brief moment she stopped to catch her breath, her eyes, like little moons, reflecting something beyond. Illuminating something within. at Allahabad, India

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2 days ago

Think of all the lives we pass through. Every person, their stories woven within yours. Think of every eye you have met, and that fleeting moment that you shared your consciousness with another. Think of all the broken hearts that have sat beside you on the train. Think of all the dreamers who have found space for you within their reverie. We all float through life as islands, yet we are all connected by the oceans we share. Some purify it with love and laughter. Others pollute it with hate and ignorance. But we share it nonetheless. And each moment is an opportunity to swim within that space between us all. So reach out. Push further into the brine. Let the salt enter the cracks within your skin. Where it hurts it heals. Do not be afraid of the deep. For in these waters, you are never truly alone. at Williamsburg Bridge

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3 days ago

Today, I remind myself to flow. Like these fiery Pooja offerings, to give myself to the current. And if nothing comes from it, even that nothingness is full. . . Also a very Happy Holi to all of my beautiful Indian/Hindu friends. Have a colorful day :) at Kumbh Mela Prayagraj 2019

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4 days ago

The past few days I have felt restless and my thoughts incoherent. Going through my archives, I kept returning to this photo. It brought me back to a moment where I felt as I have; disjointed, unsure. So I did then as often do, I wandered off on my own in search of solitude. Beneath the pontoon bridge I found it. And in that brief moment of peace I saw another man doing the same. Basking alone in the water. He may not have known, but he shared that moment of solidarity with me. So as I look back I remind myself to be still. To be present. To stop looking far off and bask in the moment that is forever now. at Kumbh Mela Prayagraj 2019

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6 days ago

A sadhu. A shrine. A scene saturated in saffron. Beautifully simple. at Allahabad, India

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8 days ago

A new generation rises. What will we teach them? What truths must die in order for us to survive? There is hope, but in that hope is change. We can honor the past but we must outgrow it. We are all children. Stubborn and unwilling. But like children we must learn to bend. To give in order to gain. To let go of comfort in pursuit of independence. To admit that what we were taught is not all that is. May the children of today understand this. May they understand that within them is the power to change. That before society there is one. And that’s where it starts. And no one can take that away. at Allahabad, India

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9 days ago

Clusters of canvas tents, clothes strewn on lines, earthen beds and fire pits, sequestered lives, buried within the sprawl. Here, this is home, where we leave our shoes outside the door and huddle to that which keeps us warm. It may not look like much. But it is everything. at Kumbh Mela Prayagraj 2019

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12 days ago

Somewhere in downtown Allahabad. A man sits, smothered in randomness. An echo of the Mela occurring a kilometer away. at Allahabad, India

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14 days ago

It was the morning of Shahi Snan. A series of unexpected events landed me on the front line of press photographers. The naga sadhus on the left, the media on the right. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was all some show. It saddened me to know that this tiny section of water was all that most of the world would see. A hundred cameras pointed at a facade. Was it a fantastic sight to see? Of course. That was the point. But there was more to the Mela. So much more. All I hope is that what I’ve shared has helped add some hues to this infinitely complex canvas. at Sangam - Ganga & Jamuna, Allahabad

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16 days ago

My focus while attending the Kumbh was to develop a story on women. Quickly I became aware of the difficulties involved in this project. Many were subdued and reserved. Quietly going about their chores or sitting peacefully with their children while their husbands freely roamed. There were no complaints. This is just how things are. But then I met these beautiful women. Unabashed. Free. Bold. They flirted with the camera and laughed with me. It was a spirit I had yet to see. They opened my eyes. From then on I began to see this spirit in others. It was subtle. Forcibly restrained. But there. In the twinkle of an eye. In the soft smiles. In the sudden outburst of song. There was joy. And for moment, freedom. . . . #internationalwomensday2019 #internationalwomensday at Sangam - Ganga & Jamuna, Allahabad

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17 days ago

This man, a sadhu, stood in the frigid waters of Ganga. Alone. Silent. His lips formed words but he never spoke. His eyes fixed on the unseen. Ten. Twenty. Thirty minutes pass and he remains. His skin covered in goose bumps. His body shakes. But his eyes still unmoved. After forty minutes I returned and slowly entered his field of view to photograph him. His kind eyes lifted ever so slightly. Either he saw through me or straight into me. I’m not so sure. But there was distance. There was depth. I couldn’t see it. But god I felt it. at Sangam - Ganga & Jamuna, Allahabad

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18 days ago

Like the tide, there are times I recede. Into the ocean. Into myself. It is there that I nourish. It is there that I am temperate. In the stillness, far from any shore, I stare at the shimmering horizons and I float. The sky darkens to a murky blue and I wrap myself in the night. It is here, where I am alone, that I find my polarity. In this isolation I allow myself to feel what I often deny. Be it sadness. Be it fear. Be it anger. Be it bliss. It is here that I reckon with the parts of me that bring conflict. So I float. Until the hues of blue around me lighten. Until I hear the seabirds song. Until the dawn reveals a familiar coast. Because like the tide, I always return. And as such, I am never the same. at Calf Pasture Beach

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19 days ago

The air trembles to the symphony of ten million breaths. Yet here, cradled by mother Ganga, there is only one that I hear. I exhale. One more note to the endless progression of life. One more moment I surrender to the discord. Here, I am at peace. at Sangam - Ganga & Jamuna, Allahabad

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21 days ago

After hours, pressing through kilometers of people, shoulder to shoulder, these women finally reach Mother Ganga. For a few minutes they pray and offer fruit and flowers as puja, the act of worship. The moment is short lived, as millions gather at their backs, seeking to do the same. Soon they recede into the sea of faces, this photograph, the only thing left behind. May their prayers, however brief, be answered. May their lives be full and kind. at Kumbh Prayagraj 2019

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23 days ago

A man stands, captured in crimson light, downloading the teachings from the glowing roadside sadhu. When does learning become indoctrination? Which interpretations of ancient knowledge will thrive? Which ones shouldn’t? Here at Kumbh consciousness moves. It is pulled and pushed. For some it shrinks and others it expands. But it is far from zero sum. There are those who remain in the shadows by no choice of their own. at Kumbh Prayagraj 2019

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24 days ago

While developing my narrative, a lot of time was spent wandering with my partner @ankitha_rs. No destination, just whim and random chai stops to gather our thoughts. Eventually we stumbled our way outside of the Mela to this barren area. Drawn to the only tree we’d seen in days, we headed to this hilltop overlooking the sprawl. The abruptness of the transition was unsettling at first. To the right millions of people. To the left desolation. And here. A lonely tree with a broken swing. I connected with this disconnected space and all the strangeness within it. There was room to breathe. To think. To feel nothing and everything. Soon we returned to the fray. But I kept looking back at the tree that stood watch. And I felt peace. at KUMBH 2019

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26 days ago

Her name was Lakshmi. She collected money from bystanders with her trunk, passing it to her handler. She stepped forward and tilted her head towards me and for a moment she looked intently into the camera. There was intelligence in her eye. Emotion. Curiosity. After photographing the moment I placed my hand on her head. She bowed and stepped back. At first I thought this was orchestrated. But after seeing her interact with others I realized it was not. She chose to encounter me. And I’m so glad that she did. at Kumbh Mela 2019 Prayagraj - Allahabad

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28 days ago

A tuk tuk. A flower. A romance bathed in joyous yellow. Oh India. How much I miss you. at Kumbh Mela Prayagraj 2019

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