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12 days ago

Here’s the official full length @ford commercial I worked so hard on. It’s hard to believe some things when they come true. I’ve been thinking about this exact idea for their truck commercial since I was 9 years old. If you’re having a rough day, just please understand things take time, but if you persist and push on, your dreams will see the light of day. Before my back injury this was a super fun adventure. There trucks absolutely stand for my lifestyle so I’m proud to partner with them.. Being able to throw anything in the truck and go out for some fun is a special thing. I’m officially done skydiving for now and have decided to replace that habit with paragliding. My Ford will continue to make me happy 😊 (link in bio) @outsidetv #builtfordtough #ad

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15 days ago

6 months later... feels good to be home, healed, and finding new hobbies. Pretty timid with this but you have to learn somehow. Waiting for the reserve parachute in the mail, won’t fly again til it comes. Had to get one flight out of the way 😊 #dontflyinthewind

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16 days ago

Can’t remember if I mentioned this a while back, but 12 years ago I became the youngest person to ever make the US Open halfpipe finals at age 13. (Still to this day). It’s been a wild ride since then, mostly from succumbing to peer pressure and insane amounts of stress that no 13-year-old should ever have to go through. That event used to be held in Vermont, and my dad and I would stay at this very humble bed and breakfast with a wonderful family, and Annie would make the best french toast. I remember sitting at the dinner table there with Bud Keene, Shaun Whites coach at the time, and listening to him talk about what an incredible experience the previous Olympics were, I promised myself I would experience that in my life. Bud asked me to join the US halfpipe team, and quickly kicked me off due to my irresponsible behavior. I quit snowboarding, and after quitting every snowboard obligation I had. 7 years later I decided to prove to myself, and nobody else, I could go to the Olympics. No sponsors, no fame. Just me and my snowboard. I qualified as the #1 American. The US would take 4 to the Olympics in boardercross. It was a real full circle to be with these two at the 2014 Olympics, and also re-visit the bed and breakfast 3 days ago and eat some french toast where we had that initial conversation 12 years ago. Also Peter Foley and Jeff Arch deserve credit for giving me a chance to prove myself 7 years later. Thanks for the good times. Although being 1 inch from the final round of 6 at the Olympics, I ended up 9th. Anyways, fun flashback story. Back to the now :) #bestfrenchtoastever

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1 month ago

This was seriously the most fun balloon adventure ever. An unforgettable experience. While on this adventure, a wild fire broke out in my home town burning 96,949 acres. After landing from this jump, I attempted to be flown in by plane to the #Woolseyfire and parachute in. Denied. (Airspace fire restrictions) I ended up finding a boat and made it into the fire by sea. This fire would later take my brother’s house, many of my cherished items, and many other close friends’ homes. Just a couple days later, I found myself laying in the hospital with a broken back uncertain about the future. It went from great times to rough times quick. I truly believe a tough mind-set equals freedom, and the ability to choose how we view any given situation is the key to inner-peace. The tides of life can turn at any moment, so we better be prepared… Thanks @Ford & @outsidetv Check out the link in bio! #BuiltFordTough #Ford #FordRanger #sponsored

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3 months ago

In celebration of my favorite car company. I’ve teamed up with @Ford to have some fun in Los Angeles with the new Ford Ranger. I am a strong believer in focus. What we focus on, is what we bring into our reality. I used to dream of partnering with @ford. I dreamed of showing the world my genuine love for throwing all of my different bikes and boards into the back of the truck like I do everyday, and go out for some fun. It’s cool to see things come true. Never give up on your dreams, if you want them bad enough, and take action to go after them, anything is possible. #Ford #FordRanger #BuiltFordTough #Ad @outsidetv

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3 months ago

I’m back! (no pun intended) Had to take some time to understand the truth. What a wild few months. Words cant describe the gratitude that is felt to be where I’m at in such a short amount of time. You can never connect the dots going forward, only looking back, and every bit of that injury needed to happen for me to grow. (As odd as that sounds) I will be the first to tell you, if you aren’t making mistakes, you’re not learning. Can anyone relate to this? Looking over my life, I have made some pretty damn bad decisions, but truly the worst decisions I’ve made, have turned out to be the best things to ever happen to me. If you are willing to persist, nothing can stop you. I truly believe that we are on the cutting edge of reality, and we have the ability to design the quality of our lives, and others lives, through a choice of how we view any given situation. I believe if more people decide to live life as an infinite journey, they will choose to treat themselves, and others much better. I want to take this moment to send love and support to my true friends and fans out there keeping it real around the world. I know I’ve been MIA and I’m sorry I can’t respond to each DM but yes, I’m alive. Much love to you ❤️

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4 months ago

Today was spent comparing original X-Rays with the surgeon. As mentioned, my L1 vertebrae burst and began resting on my spinal chord. Dr. Watkins, who has operated on an impressive roster told me I have dodged a major bullet. He said “I’ve read thousands of x rays and MRI’s that look identical to yours and 99% of those people are paralyzed...coming from a spine experts point of view, I can’t believe how lucky you truly are”... This experience is surreal, and I don’t have any words besides... Gratitude, and Perspective. My perspective of life has changed in the biggest of ways. Things can always be so much worse. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been injured majorly and who’s lives are changed forever, that continue to push and progress every single day to become more as humans. You are among the toughest in the world. The universe needs you so much more than you might realize. I have 8 months of rehabilitation, but hopefully a lifetime of focusing on other people, their well-being & happiness, instead of selfishly pursuing dangerous “instant gratification adrenaline activities.” Thanks for the love, I’m excited to share my next chapter in life with you. ❤️

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5 months ago

I woke up in the hospital 3 nights ago in excruciating pain, I awoke from the dream like it seems you’re in when you’re under the oblivion effect of endorphin. I compressed 3 vertebrae & my L1 vertebrae burst into my spinal canal hitting my spinal chord but not imposing. Falling from 1 foot higher I would be in much different condition. The real heroes of moto are my friends like @brucecookfmx @jessynelson79 @smagical @tgodfrey155 and others who have paid the ultimate price in pursuit of there passion. I look up to all of you guys for your strength and courage more than you’ll ever know, and I salute you. Things happen so quick. I have flipped dirt bikes hundreds of times, and this time, I intentionally bailed to be funny and land on my butt. I ended up missing the landing & went from expecting a soft cushion landing, to a hard surface and went completely numb instantly. I was so confused because I was in so much pain, squirming watching my body freak out and move, but I couldn’t feel it. Next thing I’m in the hospital alone with a Neuro Surgeon telling me they intend to operate immediately. Thankfully I was clear headed to deny surgery. I didn’t even know what hospital I was at as multiple gun shot victims rolled by me into the E.R. I got my X Rays to my normal surgeon and I’m feeling a little better everyday... 5 of 5 surgeons involved all suggest surgery will take place... but emergency surgery is not needed, so I’m just waiting it out. As of now, I can stand for a few moments at a time, it really puts life into perspective. Since I have your attention, please take one thing from this, Life is uncertain, please appreciate every moment you’re breathing. We all have no idea when it will be gone. Thousands of people have messaged me to send love and I am beyond grateful to you. I wish I could answer every single one of you. Please know how grateful I am & how much I am learning from this experience. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I love you all. Thank you for being there for me ❤️

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6 months ago

The oak tree starts with an acorn. We’ve come a long way since 1999 @jeffbezos

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6 months ago

I kinda stopped skateboarding for a while to take care of my body... but you’re a by-product of your surroundings and my front yard is a skatepark so I guess I’m out of luck 😂 @hunter_olsen #tree

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6 months ago

Usually I surf one or two days a year, but I decided to book a 7 day surf trip on @griplink with @nicatime. It was an incredible experience, extremely reasonable pricing, and I learned a ton about surfing and the culture.

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6 months ago

If we are infinite energy, and we have arrived this “dream” we call life for an undetermined amount of time, then we really only have control over one thing, and that is, what we do while we are here. How we think, how we act, what we build, our choices, and how we view situations and ideas, this will collectively decide the outcome of our universe, and the people and things in it for generations to come. Let them cut in front of you in traffic, tip the server more than necessary, hold the door open. All of this put together will be the change. Be beneficial to the world. It is up to us.

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