8 days ago

It was so fun to meet up with a few of my Instagram friends at Great Sand Dunes this week. I just can't get over how cool the shadows are in this place. @roamingjacob got this shot of me scaling one of the dunes. at Great Sand Dunes National Park

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17 days ago

Sunrise with the glaciers in Chile 🇨🇱 There's still a few spots left for my meet up in Colorado at Great Sand Dunes National Park this Sunday if any of you want to hang out and shoot together! at Refugio Lago Grey, Torres del Paine

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21 days ago

Yes, I do weddings. I never share wedding photos, but this elopement in Sedona was too beautiful. . . . I made a new lightroom preset just for this session. Shoot me a DM if you'd like to try it out! at Sedona, Arizona

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26 days ago

To all you people saying "that beer should only be enjoyed as a hard pour": The best way to enjoy any beer is at the top of a mountain after a long hike. at Dead Horse Point State Park

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28 days ago

The gnarly trees of Moab have so much personality. They remind me of ents 🏜️ at Moab, Utah

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1 month ago

There's no better way to end the day. at Lake Powell

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1 month ago

The last few minutes of daylight when the blue haze in the distance fades and gives way to deep blacks while the reds and oranges ignite. Just for a moment, and then darkness falls. at Coconino, Arizona

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1 month ago

Don't forget to put your camera away and experience each place you visit. Close your eyes and focus on your other senses. Notice how a place smells and sounds. Spend five minutes in absolute silence. Reach out and touch your surroundings. Often, these are the experiences I remember most about a place. at Sedona, Arizona

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2 months ago

I'll be in Great Sand Dunes with some other super cool photographers on February 10th. If you want to do some adventure photography and get to know more CO and NM based photographers, come join us! Comment if you're interested! at Great Sand Dunes National Park

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2 months ago

2019 has some big shoes to fill. Here are the shots you all liked the most this year. Thanks for joining the adventure and here's to another year full of glaciers and sunsets. at Planet Earth

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2 months ago

The highlands of Lesotho. This place feels so ancient and untouched. at Lesotho

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2 months ago

I'll never forget the duet of perfect silence and thundering avalanches in Torres del Paine. at Lake Pehoé

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