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4 hours ago

Not all of our journeys are physical ones. In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth Travel Noire Presents... “Bloodline:The Journey Within" We're telling the stories of 3 people who made the decsion to trace their lineage. In our first episode we profile @matthewjsanchez from Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for the premiere tomorrow! And that's not all... We've been lucky enough to partner with @AfricanAncestry to offer 2 FREE KITS to so some lucky winners who want to embark on the journey within. Hit the #LinkinBio and enter to win now!

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5 hours ago

Traveler Shari Shobe claims Delta Airlines did nothing when an older passenger put his hands on her two-year-old daughter after she played with the window shade. Full story: LINK IN BIO // #travelnoire

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10 hours ago

Episode 2 of #LifeInThePacificNW is now live and we’re exploring Seattle with Ribicca, fashion industry professional, lifestyle blogger, and world traveler. @IamAbyssinia visited Seattle from Ethiopia when she was 14 years old and after falling in love with the weather, local East African owned businesses, and the community, she decided to stay. She’ll show us where to go for authentic Ethiopian cuisine and you’ll learn more about her life in Seattle! Full episode: LINK IN BIO // #travelnoire

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1 day ago

WOW Air is currently running its one-way flash sale. You can find flights for as low as $45 from multiple cities to Reykjavik, Iceland: LINK IN BIO // #travelnoire #iceland at Iceland

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1 day ago

We’re back with another segment of our #LifeInThePacificNW series! This time, we’re in Seattle! You’ll meet Anthony Kerr (@thinkgoodthoughts) who moved to Seattle 5 years ago to work for Proctor and Gamble. This was his first experience in the city and he had no plans of sticking around. However, somewhere along the way he fell in love with the city.⁣⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⁣⠀ In this episode, you'll learn more about the history of well known black communities, where to find the best eateries, and of course, where to get the freshest haircuts.⁣⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⁣⠀ Full episode: LINK IN BIO // #travelnoire at Seattle, Washington

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3 days ago

One thing there is to love about Barcelona is the fact that it’s the kind of city that never gets old. Each season in Barcelona is unique and as winter (slowly but surely) comes to an end, now is the time to start thinking about your spring travel plans. Here's how to book a vacation in #Barcelona this spring for as low as $275 round-trip: LINK IN BIO // #travelnoire at Barcelona, Spain

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