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1 day ago

Snow is that you? It’s time to channel your inner-kid, snow angels, snowball fights & building snowmen. Video by @jonathanjacobs_ | #explorealberta

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3 days ago

There are two types of travellers in the world: those who prefer ice in their campfire beverages and those who see ice and think, "I need to climb that." Which one are you? Photo by @benjaminhardman | #explorealberta

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3 days ago

When Calgary looks at us like this we know we’ve got a big day ahead of us. Maybe it’s a day of shopping, checking out some local coffee shops on 17 ave, or walking along the bow river. Whatever it is, we’re so into it. Photo by @davey_gravy | #explorealberta

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4 days ago

Sure you may know this lake, it’s pretty popular. But did you know It has an easy cross-country ski trail which is groomed regularly and runs 14 km’s named Cascade Trail? Well now you do. Photo by @scottcbakken | #explorealberta

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4 days ago

Have you ever been so mesmerized by the falling snow you just stop and stare a while? Yeah us too. Video by @jakedyson | #explorealberta

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5 days ago

Fact. Good views are just around the corner. Or in this case, just along the horizon. Photo by @danschyk | #explorealberta

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5 days ago

Sure you may have to wake up super early to get that perfect sunrise shot, but that just means you get the place all to yourself. And who wouldn’t want that? Photo by @wherezjeff | #explorealberta

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7 days ago

Calgary’s got small-town heart and big-city diversions. It’s like having a pancake with a triple scoop of ice cream on top, why not have it all? Photo by @midwinterphoto | #explorealberta

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8 days ago

Who needs long walks on the beach when there's frozen canyons begging to be trekked? Photo by @ryanresatka | #explorealberta

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