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1 day ago

If you’re lucky enough to see (or hear) one of Alberta’s Common Loons, you know that there’s really nothing common about them. Their unique call can sound much like a wolf’s howl and the distinguished markings can make it look like they’re wearing a tuxedo. They can most often be found in large bodies of fresh water, gliding at up to 120 km/h through the air and on the Canadian Loonie. 😉 Photo by @nickparaykoimages | #explorealberta at Stony Plain, Alberta

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3 days ago

New perspectives are easy to come by in Edmonton. Whether it’s checking out breathtaking new architecture, trying out that new must-try restaurant, or spending the afternoon at a new museum, there’s always something discover. Photo by @tmthyj | #explorealberta at Edmonton, Alberta

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8 days ago

When you think of Alberta this may not be the first landscape that comes to mind. But surprise! More “stop you in your tracks” beautiful landscapes to be discovered. Photo by @prairierosephoto | #explorealberta at Mossleigh, Alberta

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9 days ago

It’s a new day and we are ready for you. We are also ready for: coffee shops, walks along the river, grabbing a bite to eat, and perhaps a little window shopping. Photo by @aronbagel | #explorealberta at Calgary, Alberta

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10 days ago

Situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, this iconic glacially fed lake is one of the most photographed places in the world. And it’s not hard to see why. Photo by @erikmcr | #explorealberta at Valley of the Ten Peaks

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