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@travel_inhershoes  LA based free spirit who can't get enough of adventure, good energy avocados & puppies! 📍LA 🔜 SaudiArabia @aggiepresets ⤵️

3 days ago

You Only Live Once. But you do it right, once is enough 🌙✨ snuggled up watching sunset after swimming in 12C/50F weather.🥶 ::::: Halong Bay is so beautiful, would love to see it in Summer soon xxx ::::: #vietnam #halongbay #yolo #hatecoldwater at Halong Bay, Vietnam

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7 days ago

HAPPY LOVE DAY TO YOU ALL ❤️💛💚💜 ::::: For those in love — enjoy the ride! Loving someone is the bravest thing you can ever do so celebrate this miracle every day. :::❤️::: For those not in a romantic relationship, I want to wish you self love so rich, it will help you see all the barriers within you that you’ve built against it. :::: I wish you find someone who makes you think ‘where have you been all my life’. Someone who feels like you’ve already met before and like the rest of your life at the same life. Someone who will make you feel capable of reaching your fullest potential. With whom a handful of moments will be worth more than a lifetime with somebody else. :::❤️::: For those with broken hearts getting over someone - remember nothing that wasn’t real ever existed anyways. Those who left were there to teach you something about yourself. (hopefully you’ll your learn the lesson quickly otherwise life will give it to you again and again and it’s not the funnest experience, I can assure you 😅). ::::: And to you, my dear Universe — promise to keep living my life ‘so rich of love that at the end, I will not be so shy of death’. Thank you for all the moments of love that felt infinite - holding hands underneath the stars looking into someone’s eyes and feeling eternal. :::: Love, Aggie ::::: #atticus #happyvday #vday2019 #cityoflove #valentinesday2019 at Paris, France

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10 days ago

Crazy to think this was already a year ago! Eeek! Honestly though, I wouldn’t mind going back to Rio for the carnival later this month! ::::: What are your (travel) plans for the carnival this year? Anyone heading down to Brazil? If so, please bring a pão de queijo for me 🤤🧀🥖🇧🇷 :::::: Ps for all my travel recommendations, remember I‘ve been saving all my stories for over a year in highlights so you can always rewatch them anytime you want 😊 ::::: Ph @michaelmoretti #throwback #rio #riodejaneiro #brazil #carnival2019 at Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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15 days ago

Konnichiwa Japan 🇯🇵✌🏻 こんにちは ::::: After my recent stories from Vietnam I’ve been getting a lot of DMs saying it’s good to see me finally traveling the ‘normal’ budget way. 🙈😶 ::::: I always find it funny I come across as someone who can’t survive outside a five star resort because if you got to know my story, you would know I used to do a ton of solo travel before my instagram life. Moved to Australia on my own at 18 with money I saved from waiting tables at $1/hr in Poland during high school when most of my friends partied and enjoyed their summer. Climbed Kilimanjaro, sailed across the Pacific, drove across Australia 3 times without stopping, slept in a car in Mexico for days on another road trip. :::::: Adventure runs deep through my veins so is the love for the fine things in life. The key for me is the balance between the two. ::::: Having lost my luggage & visiting Japan solo — I realize it’s not my typical photo here but I’m posting it as a reminder that whether I’m alone or in the best company and a fancy camera in my hand, I freaking love exploring this miracle of a planet either way ✌🏻💕 ::::: Thanks to a random stranger for this photo:) #shibuya #iphoneonly #travelgirl #tokyo #japan #motherearth #こんにちは #東京 at Shibuya, Tokyo

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21 days ago

This is what I like about photographs. They are proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect 💕 #JodiPicoult ::::: Forever thankful for the love @lebuahotelsresorts showered me with in the last couple of months. I’m soooo excited about your plans to become vertical Vegas of Asia! Can’t wait to be back soon & sip another cocktail from the 64th floor! ::::: Ps Can you recognize which movie was shot on these stairs leading to @skybarbangkok ? ::::: Dress linked in stories #Lebua #skybar #bangkok #onenightinbangkok #beautifulhotels #luxuryhotel at Sky Bar, Lebua Tower, Bangkok

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22 days ago

What’s better than a good lunch with besties? A great lunch with besties suspended in between the tree tops! 🌳🌲 @discoversoneva #sonevakiri ::::: In the two weeks spent together we had time to talk about literally everything 😅💁🏼‍♀️ — from brainstorming new business ideas to questions like ‘Pick 5 people (dead or alive) to have dinner with?’ (If you had to answer, who would you choose? I’m curious!) ::::: Ps Wearing @aggiethelabel launching in a couple of months! ::::: #restaurantgoals #discoversoneva #soneva #beautifulhotels #lunchgoals #besties at Soneva Kiri

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1 month ago

Hard to believe it’s already been a month since I went to Bali on ‘romantic’ girls’ trip with @zeebalife 😂 — now back in Asia with another beautiful woman I get to call my friend and I love supporting. Find out who she is in stories ✨💕 ::::: Both wearing latest @spell#spell #spelltravel #bali #girlpower at Finns Beach Club

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