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Oliver du Puy’s new M Penthouse project. @oliverdupuy

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Cheers to Rosie and the gang at @ignant for publishing a nice little piece on Paul Couch’s, Toolern Vale House. Link in my bio.

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Still on Canada time. Dawn in Port Douglas.

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Look forward to sharing more of this project I photographed for @oliverdupuy recently. The original hand moulded fibreglass chair courtesy of @t_o_o_g_o_o_d

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Congratulations Mike, Ilana, Marcello, and their crew for adding a beautiful, empathetic, irreverent piece of medium density housing to Melbourne, and being awarded accordingly. @freadmanwhite @anonstudio

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In 2015 I went to Doha to look at different ideas of utopia and made a series called Idols. @ignant have revisited it with a nice little interview. There’s a link in my bio.

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Back in New York and Toronto June 20 to July 6 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

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Floating stair at Oliver du Puy’s Skinny House. Project up on Dezeen this week. @oliverdupuy @dezeen

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Dwell Magazine published a great before and after piece on ioa Studio’s Hoa’s House. There’s a link in my bio 👀 @ioa_studio @dwellmagazine

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Assemble Papers chatted with Mary Featherston on the crucial role of architecture in education for the current issue. 👏 @catmcgauran @assemblepapers

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