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3 days ago

Back in Valdez today and @lisabao and I are about to head out to Columbia Glacier with the awesome guides at @anadyr_adventures. I couldn't be more stoked!! (Minus the crazy rainy ☔️ weather) This shot was taken with my good friend @sarah.mcclanahan two summers ago at Valdez Glacier, the second photo shows the hole we found, and how a really wide lens can make nothing look like something incredible. #viewak #alaska #natgeotravel #valdez

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5 days ago

Been having a blast showing my friend @lisabao around some of my favorite spots in Alaska. Backpacked up to Snowbird hut the other day, and got out just in time for some of the worst rain 🌧 we have had all summer. Hopefully it clears up a bit for the rest of her trip. #alaska #viewak #natgeotravel #ShotoniPhone

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6 days ago

This past July I was able to get up to and stay a few days at the incredible Chelatna Lake (@alaska_lodge), which sits at the foot of Denali National Park. Even after such a short time, all I can say is wow! It is one of those places you may not have known exists, and the views here are incredible. We got a day and half window of some perfect weather, which made for an ideal time to go paddle boarding on their inflatable @bodyglove53 boards, with the Lodge owners’ black lab, Pete… which is fitting as the peak you see in the distance is locally known as Dogtooth. Music @jteveringham #alaska #viewak #natgeotravel #bodyglove #sup

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8 days ago

I was digging back through my archive and found a few more clips from one of the most beautiful mornings I ever witnessed when I was living and documenting San Francisco. Above this photogenic city in a helicopter is one of my favorites places to fly, especially when months of planning come together just the way you wanted and you get the fog, everyone's schedule and timing to align. Music @jteveringham #sanfrancisco #aerial #natego #natgeotravel

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10 days ago

Being a timelapser involves a lot of hanging out waiting for each sequence to finish. That why my kit always includes some refreshments. This past evening I brought @Budweiser along. #ThisBudsForYou #partner

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11 days ago

The first time I stood on a glacier I was hooked. The feeling and eerie sounds they make when caving and moving around, are a bit weird but also sorta calming to me. Here is my buddy @jussiruottinenphotography exploring Root Glacier a few summers ago. #alaska #viewak #natgeotravel

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12 days ago

Pretty stoked to be heading back Canada this September... and maybe a little Heli-Hiking with @cmh_heli 🚁🚶⛰ Photo from 2008 with a good ol' point and shoot in the Bugaboos. #cmhheli

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19 days ago

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore." - Emma Lazarus famous poem #newyorkcity #natgeotravel #freedom

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