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@titorenogpigs  ðŸ‡³ðŸ‡±Dutch guilty pigs Tito & Reno 🏡from the city of Utrecht 🐹our 9th generation guinea pigs 🍏Tito loves apple peels 💋Reno likes to give kisses


22 hours ago

I believe I can fly 🦅 they did the vocals by themselves this time 🎤🐿🤣

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2 days ago

Weighing time ⚖️ Tito 🦊1105GR/2.4LBS | Reno 🐰1310GR/2.9LBS. Both gained some extra grams, which is totally fine 👓🕶

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3 days ago

The bros sitting on a rock in the park in front of our house. I personally love the angle from below where they look GRAND 🗿

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3 days ago

Great start of the weekend! They have a new type of waterbottle and loving it 🎅🏻🦊 I love the way the water is literally flooding out of his mouth 😂

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4 days ago

Excellent day for another guinea pig ramp episode 🎢

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5 days ago

Reno loves drinking, look at this little tongue! 👅 he ate some spinach before this, you can see that on his cheek 🙂

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6 days ago

Filmed from the side in slowmotion 🏃🏽🏃🏽while they are running to the grass field 🍀Reno performs his signature hop with two hind legs 🐰great weather today 22C/72F 🌤

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7 days ago

Indoor entertainment while it's raining outside 🐿☔️

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8 days ago

An Indonesian 🇮🇩 fb page named Grid.ID(1.2M followers) wrote an article about us. In Indonesia they use the word marmut/marmot for guinea pig by the way 😄For me that's not a suprise since this originates from the Dutch language, over here they also used marmot for a long time. People still use that, but Cavia is now the common name that is used. Thanks to @adriesaputra @grid_id

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8 days ago

We raise guinea pigs and guinea pig lovers 🐹🎀💝

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9 days ago

Tito & Reno looking out over the guinea wonderland 🏞

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9 days ago

Tito is wrestling with a lavender plant. He smells lovely afterwards! 🌺 Tito feels so comfortable that he now likes to explore other parts of the garden on it's own and walk back from the grass to the terrace. I can relate to that, sometimes you need time for yourself. 🦊

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10 days ago

Today @cobiguineapig told me Tito & Reno were on Spanish tv 📺 Antena 3 Noticias / news. She was nice enough to send over the clip! Muchas gracias! 🙏🏻💃🏻I think the presenter speaks of the guinea pigs Tito & Reno on a rainy afternoon.

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10 days ago

Sleepyheads compilation 🎶☁️😴 music by Betsy Brye - Sleepwalk 1959. This is an ode to all sleeping guinea pigs worldwide 🐹🌝🌏

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11 days ago

Redhead Tito 🦊 I haven't posted a picture in a while. Filter on maximum saturation to make him extra red 😊

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11 days ago

The guinea brothers smell something nice in the air 🤔👃🏿🐹

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