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6 hours ago

Photo by @TimLaman. The incomparable Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise, male displaying to a female. Found only in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands, and one of the most boldly colored Birds-of-Paradise of all. Great to see them again here on Waigeo Island, where local landowners are successfully managing to create livelihoods around taking visitors to see their local birdlife. Don’t forget to follow @BirdsofParadiseProject for your regular BoP photos, videos and stories. #RajaAmpat, #Waigeo, #BirdsofParadise, @BirdsofParadiseProject, #Papua, #Indonesia

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3 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. Can you believe there are unspoiled places like this still to be found on our planet that few people have ever seen with their own eyes? Hidden Bay, Gam Island. One of the wonders of West Papua, Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands. #RajaAmpat, #Waigeo, #Papua, #Indonesia

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7 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. The spectacular Palm Cockatoo is the largest parrot in the Austral-Asian region, and can pry open amazingly hard seeds with its powerful bill. Photographed on Waigeo Island in West Papua’s Raja Ampat Islands, this is one of the representative species of this part of Indonesia. So great to see healthy numbers of them here. Stay tuned as I explore the biodiversity of this amazing part of Indonesia. Like all my long-lens bird images, this one was #FramedonGitzo. See @GitzoInspires, #palmcockatoo, #birds, #YearoftheBird, #Papua, #Indonesia, #sponsored, @TimLaman.

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10 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. An osprey in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands gives me a stare as I capture this photo from a healthy distance with a long lens… “no Mr. Osprey, I’m not about to steal your fish”. Osprey are one of the most widely distributed bird species on the planet, spanning all continents except Antarctica. So they are certainly not unique to Papua, yet the rich marine habitat and healthy forest nearby with good nest sites makes Waigeo and other islands here ideal habitat for this very successful bird of prey. #IndonesiaBiodiversity, #Osprey, #birds, #YearoftheBird, #Papua, #Indonesia, @TimLaman.

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13 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. In the field photographing the misty morning at Lake Habbema recently. Yes it’s cold – there was frost on my backpack in the back of our truck. Not what most people think of when they think of Indonesia! Shooting video and stills with one camera, and time lapses with the other, on my trusty Gitzo tripods of course. Spectacular morning. #FramedonGitzo. @GitzoInspires, #onassignment, #behindthescenes, #Indonesia, #LorentzNationalPark, #Papua, #sponsored.

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20 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. This is the Yellow-billed Kingfisher female with her cool haircut. I’m now in the lowland rainforest of Papua outside Jayapura in the Isyo Forest of Nimboren, a rainforest rich in birdlife such as this forest kingfisher that hunts insects and lizards. Swipe to see her in profile! #IndonesiaBiodiversity, #Kingfisher, #birds, #Papua, #Indonesia, @TimLaman.

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21 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. Can’t resist sharing another view of the spectacular Peak Trikora reflected in Lake Habbema in Lorentz National Park. This little-visited area of Papua, Indonesia is a World Heritage Site with amazing scenery and biological diversity, and so much potential for ecotourism. It can be reached by a pretty good road now from Wamena, so is quite feasible to visit. I hope you have a chance to experience the beauty yourself…. #Indonesia, #LorentzNationalPark, #Papua

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23 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. A high valley in the Lorentz National Park filled with tree ferns and limestone outcrops has a real “lost world” feel to it. I was keeping my eye out for dinosaurs, but no luck. This habitat is at about 3500 meters elevation where temperatures regularly drop to around freezing at night, even here near the equator. #Indonesia, #LorentzNationalPark, #Papua, #IndonesiaBiodiversity.

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25 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. The high peaks of the Jayawijaya or “Snow Mountains” are no longer covered in snow, but they were not that long ago. When first sighted by Europeans in the 1600’s there were extensive snow caps along this range, but it disappeared from this area by the mid 1900’s. But you can clearly see the signs of past ice cover here on these exposed limestone peaks, which are scraped smooth and polished on top. #Indonesia, #LorentzNationalPark, #Papua

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26 days ago

Photo by @TimLaman. This road climbs through the remote wilderness of Lorentz National Park past lake Habbema and over a pass in the Jayawijaya Mountains at 3700 meters, and is likely one of the most remote and highest roads in Indonesia. A road through a wilderness is a scar on the landscape to be sure, but it also provides unprecedented access for exploration… a mixed blessing, but it certainly allowed me to get up into this amazing zone of scoured limestone rock and unique plant and animal life to document the biodiversity here. #Indonesia, #LorentzNationalPark, #Papua

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