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4 days ago

This is my face deliberating if the raspberry pineapple swirl is my favorite flavor.... it is for NOW. I of course had to treat myself to the souvenir spork bc one of my tiki room birds was honored on it 😅🌴 - - I’ve come to the conclusion that a subtle copper/orange eye look is my go-to because I keep finding myself gravitating towards those orange, brown, nude shades! I’m wearing a few shades from the @colourpopcosmetics double entendre palette on my lid, including the BEST true copper pigment: Draft 🙌🏼 use ‘5tanya’ next time you find yourself in need of some more @colourpopcosmetics 🤩 - Oh yeah, and what’s your favorite dole swirl from tropical hideaway? Or are you more of an all one flavor kinda babe? 🧐🍍 - 📷: @fdzney at Tropical Hideaway

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6 days ago

When the cat’s away, the mice will... go to dapper day? 🐭✂️🐭🧵 . . Looks like Jaq & Gus Gus took a break from singing and sewing dresses today to get dapper and spend some time at the happiest place on earth! 🏰 say hello if you see us, we’re looking for Cinderelly! 👸🏼 at Fantasyland

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11 days ago

I love my friends. ♥️ This photo makes me smile every time I look at it, hahaha! It was a cute pose idea turned genuine, which is basically my life in an analogy. 😅 . . Everyone is carrying me, this is just further proof that I am baby. If you weren’t convinced by my handle being tikiroomBBY. 🤔👶🏻 sorry @tranganhdong! I’m baby now. . . 📷: @fdzney at Disney California Adventure Park

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13 days ago

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be here in Adventureland pretending I’m back in DAK. 🥺🌳🦒🦋 . . Honestly I’d be fine with an addition to Adventureland- add Yak & Yeti, add Expedition Everest, add the Finding Nemo musical... oh yeah, and maybe add Pandora. Just a small addition, I’m not asking for much! 🥴😅 I think my overall top 3 favorite parks are: Disneyland, DCA, and DAK. Although I love Epcot also... and MK... I changed my mind and I will not be choosing favorites after all. 😇 . . If you feel comfortable choosing favorites (unlike me and my indecisive self), give me your park rankings! I’d love to hear them! 🏰🎡🌳🌐🎬🏰 at Adventureland, Disneyland

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14 days ago

Me, smiling on the outside but crying on the inside because ENDGAME is upon us! T-minus 19 days, guys! Your daily reminder that this is NOT a drill. 🆘 . . I only love Captain Marvel... and Loki, my sweet prince 😪 @brielarson, @twhiddleston ilysm. Crying is inevitable, so who’s ready for 3 hours and 2 minutes of tears? 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . 📷: @fdzney at Disneyland

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16 days ago

Throwback Thursday! This photo acts as a visual representation of my ‘things I miss list’. 😭 Have I mentioned lately how much I love the muppets? 😅 I will clearly never stop mourning the loss of MuppetVision3D in DCA, although I also will not deny my love of/excitement for Mickey’s PhilharMagic coming to my home parks! ✨ . . How do you all feel about PhilharMagic coming to the west coast? Or how do you feel about Muppet Vision, are ya with me? I haven’t asked y’all this question in a while! 🤔 . . 📷: @fdzney, the Kermit to my Miss Piggy 🐸♥️🐷 at Muppet*Vision 3D

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17 days ago

I’m so glad @fdzney still loves me even after I continually smacked him in the face approximately 75 times this day with my giant sequined bow 🙃 I should have known— with great bow, comes great responsibility (...that’s a stretch) 😅 . . If you’re wondering how many more photos from my birthday I will be posting, the answer is: a lot. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We had lunch in the office and spent a little too much time taking photos, aka the birthday tiki meet & greet, on our private patio. 😘📸Speaking of which, how does one move into the office so that when one wakes up in the morning their view is the incredicoaster and the pal around??? Asking for a friend. 😉🎢🎡 at Lamplight Lounge

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19 days ago

Well look what the catfish dragged in! It’s your good friends Eric & Scuttle! . I grew up going to shows at the Hollywood bowl— symphonies, concerts, you name it. It’s a place of nostalgia and full of nothing but happy memories! So you can imagine my excitement when I heard the Little Mermaid was coming back! 🦀 . This isn’t an elaborate April fools prank to get your hopes up, the Little Mermaid really is returning to the Hollywood bowl the 17th & 18th next month! 🤩 Don’t be a guppy, you know you want to go! You can use the code ‘tikiroombby’ for pre-sale access from tomorrow, April 2nd, until April 4th. I’ll put that link in my bio tomorrow for easier access! 🐠 . Have I ever been wrong? I mean, when it’s important??! 😅 at Disney California Adventure Park

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20 days ago

Happy last day of my birthday month 😅🎉🤪 I’ve been wanting to post this photo with our new #confettiwall??? 😉 kidding haha, I just wanted to use this to thank each and every one of y’all for every birthday wish I received! And if you sent me multiples, birthDAY, birth WEEK, and/or just birth MONTH, I love ya. 😂😍 so thank you sweet things, and here’s to a new week! 💕 . . I don’t know what we’re going to celebrate in April now... oh wait! It’s @tranganhdong’s birth month now 😉🎈 . . 📷: @fdzney at Downtown Disney District

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21 days ago

Vintage disney makes every outfit better 🤩 am I right?! . . I always forget how to wear non-layered outfits for spring and summer after layering jackets, sweaters, and turtlenecks every day in the fall and winter! 🥶 although I AM ready for all of these new spring trends! I’ve been loving mustard everything for a while, and I’m always a fan of flowy & pleated skirts- it’s time to shop I guess 😅🛍 what Spring trends are you guys dying to incorporate into your wardrobe? 🌸 . . 📷: @fdzney at Mickey's Toontown

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23 days ago

My happy place also happens to be the happiest place on earth, go figure. 🤷🏻‍♀️ What truly makes it my happy place, though, is the memories I’ve been lucky enough to create there with some of my favorite people. It’s the endless laughs, the days shared, the relationships that have blossomed... it’s also the fried chicken that has been consumed. 🍗😉 . . But enough of that, it’s (almost) the weekend! Anyone spending their friYAY @ the parks tomorrow? 🏰 or perhaps spending it at *your* favorite place? 🥰 . . 📷: @fdzney at Disney California Adventure Park

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25 days ago

Anyone else living vicariously through @frncissdominc’s DAK stories bc SAME. 😭🌳 . . Anyway— this is just your every day Francis appreciation post. Look at this sweet angel. I love spending time with him because he just makes you feel so loved! ♥️😪 disney friends are the best kind of friends, am I right guys?! . . 📷: @fdzney at Disney California Adventure Park

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28 days ago

Earrings say it all. Looking towards the new week like ‘OH BOY’ 😅 take that as you will, haha! . . I don’t quite have THIS face on today, I just came down with a pretty bad cold yesterday and I’m more like 🤧🤧🤧 today. The upside of being stuck in bed is intermittent naps, laughing at memes alone, and working on the blog (that I have not been as committed to as I’d like to be, but I’m hoping to change that!)👩🏻‍💻 . . How has everyone else’s Saturday been?! 🌈 . . 📷: @fdzney at Lamplight Lounge

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29 days ago

Maybe I should take a page from Mickey’s book and celebrate year round?? 🥳 . . A fun & casual Minnie bound back when the weather was unusually chilly! 🥶 although it was only about a month ago, I miss it. I got all of my turtlenecks and cozy sweatshirts out, assuming I’d be wearing them day in and day out! 😅 looks like it’ll be a few days out of the week in turtlenecks, and a few in sun dresses with this crazy weather! Haha! 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . 📷: @fdzney at Downtown Disney District

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1 month ago

EYE Disney bounded as Mickey... well, my eyes did at least. 😉 I’ve been wanting to try fun eyeliner out for the looongest, and I finally decided to give it a go! Thoughts? 🥰 . . I’m wearing the @colourpopcosmetics BFF eyeliner in Try Me and the shade Mischief from the Yes, Please palette. 💛 . . use code ‘5tanya’ on your next ColourPop purchase for $5 off! 💌 at Mickey's Toontown

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1 month ago

I’ve always admired #osoroicode over at the Tokyo Disney parks, so yesterday my sweet friends made my kawaii dreams come true and we all dressed in our Disney best. 🥰 (and had a tiki cocktail... or two 😉) . . Thank you sweetest humans for coming out and making this little tiki feel so incredibly special, and even more loved. Happy birthday to me! 🥳 It turns out 24 isn’t as bad as I thought. I love each and every one of you with my whole heart. I don’t know what I would do without you all in my life.♥️ . . cutest photog & poser extraordinaire: @frncissdominc ✨ at Disney California Adventure Park

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1 month ago

—CLOSED— . 🎈TANYA’S BIRTHDAY EVE GIVEAWAY 🎈 . (do other people celebrate birthday eves?? It’s just like Xmas eve but even more fun!) . Tomorrow is my birthday & I wanted to celebrate by giving back to you babes! 🥰 I’m giving away my essentials for a Disney day (and every day, honestly): a custom cup from @therachelestplaceonearth, a classic wallet in amethyst from @shopharveys, and my absolute FAVORITE pair of Disney earrings (the mickey peace signs we all know and love!!✌🏼) from @couturekingdomofficial! ♥️ . Here’s how to enter: . ✨ LIKE this photo! . ✨ FOLLOW ME @tikiroombby (if you aren’t already!) . ✨ TAG FRIENDS! As many as you like, just separate comments for separate entries! . ✨ REPOST my giveaway in your story and TAG me (@tikiroombby) for 3 extra entries! When you get my reply, your extra entries have been counted! . . . Giveaway ends on 3/21 11:59 pm PST. Follow all steps to win! International entries welcome, winner will pay shipping. Not affiliated with Disney or instagram. Good luck! 💕 at Disneyland

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1 month ago

I’ve set my laser— erm...outfit, from stun, to KILL 😉💥 with the help of everyone’s favorite space ranger! 🚀 . . @shopharveys has made me pose the question “is THIS one my favorite bag???” yet again. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Toy Story is one of my favorite Disney films, it released on the year I was born and I have held it close to my heart ever since. 🥰 . . It’ll have you falling (in love) in style 😉 this bag releases in store on the 16th @ 11 am, or online on the 18th along with the rest of the line! 🙌🏼✨ . . 📷: my favorite sheriff @fdzney 🤠💕 at Pixar Pier

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