8 days ago

Couple years ago i probably got the best wave of the year Towing in in tahiti, and @wsl were saying all the Ride of the Year will be paddle from now, so i didn’t get any award that year. 🤙🏽 . And this year i got this right in Tahiti ( one of the best barrel of the year i think ) and a bomb at Tchops... . There’s @laurietowner @live.fast.die.old and @nicvonrupp and so many others chargers that deserve something, im totally confused . . Im stoked for all the Finalist 🙏 But This is number one Joke at Moorea, French Polynesia

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24 days ago

Just come back from bad injuries, that was maybe the hardest time of my life and i didnt know if i could come back to the top but i knew that there is something STRONGER than everything.... THE MIND! You have to believe in yourself and thats what i do, i’m not 100% top, it takes time but i’m coming... . 📷 @tahitiandreamprod 🙏❤️ On my perfect @infinity_surf 🙏 at Tahiti, French Polynesia

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