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@tightnit_fitness  💪🏼Live life strong💪🏼 🧘🏼‍♀️TIGHT-n-IT Fitness 🌸 certified PT / Pilates / GFI 🐼🐘 Momma 💻 IT pays the bills 👑 Chin up or the crown slips

20 hours ago

Last TRX Bootcamp class today! Will miss these ladies in the early am but hoping to see them all at Outdoor Bootcamp 💪🏼 my classes give me inspiration, friendship and support ! Thank you for letting me help you all cultivate a healthy life but more so, thank you for all the friendship and support. ❤️ you are all amazing women ! #wednesdayworkout #trx #bootcamp #womensupportwomen #missingsteve

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14 days ago

Happiness is simply an emotion that you feel’s a reason to do something...wake up each morning with a decision to be happy ! My new running shoes make me happy 💜 a little thing (the color of my shoes) is my reason today 💜 everyday you have a choice ...happiness ! #choosehappiness #purple #runninghigh #thursdaysthought

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21 days ago

It’s a wrap ☀️🌴👙 #familytime

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24 days ago

Last night’s leftovers—> this morning’s eggs #nowaste

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25 days ago

Who’s with me ? ✋🏼 tight calves from walking in the sand ! I will take it to wake up this way everyday #sundaystretch

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25 days ago

Saturday Sunset!!☀️❤️

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