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15 days ago

It is definitely different skiing here than what I’m used to.... at Big White Ski Resort

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29 days ago

The longest treks always bring you to the coolest mountains! On this particular day, once we got into alpine we were socked in so bad we couldn’t see anything around us. It was like being in a white room. We were so lucky that right as we reached the top of the ridge the clouds cleared and we could see the glacial and all the panorama of mountains we had no idea were there seconds ago. #rogerspass at Illecillewaet Glacier

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1 month ago

In 2019, my goal is to consume less. Today’s culture revolves around consumerism. We ask ourself if we can afford something instead of if we really need it. This thought pattern is not sustainable. I hope everyone else will also try and think before they purchase because reducing how much we consume is a crucial step in fixing the majority of environmental issues. at Kelowna, British Columbia

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1 month ago

Big December snow falls call for the old 1979 Bronco to come out of hibernation so we can clear out driveway. at Golden, British Columbia

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2 months ago

Hockey: the sport everyone in my family plays but me. at Reflection Lake

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2 months ago

There’s something about the heat from a fire that’s so much better than the heat from an electric furnace. at Golden, British Columbia

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2 months ago

First day ski touring is always mess. At least it was sunny! Swipe left to see the view outside of the car. at Highway 93

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4 months ago

That moment when you realize ski season is around the corner and then you realize you moved 4 hours away from all the great skiing 🤦‍♀️ at Kelowna, British Columbia

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4 months ago

Isn’t it cool that water heated from the core of our earth finds its way to the surface and creates little warm pools we can sit it. 🤯🤓 at Nakusp, British Columbia

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4 months ago

When I say, “I’m from Golden.” Most reply, “I think I’ve driven through there.” at Golden, British Columbia

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4 months ago

50% through the semester but 100% ready for it to be over. at UBC Okanagan

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