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At Pyramid, we serve plant based and sugar free meals and always go organic where possible - what you put into your mouth matters. Our 2019 Healing Retreat starts in just over 2 months! Numbers are STRICTLY limited to ensure that you will receive the attention and care you need to feel empowered, transformed and awakened. Your health and well-being is in your hands. Let us show you how! at Pyramid Yoga Center

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Home. As I leave the Island of the Gods to return to Melbourne, I realise that over the last month I have used the label “home” in so many different places. What I have learned is that home is not concrete to a geographical location; rather, a feeling that emanates from within when your soul responds to the energy of your surroundings. It is true that the feeling of being at home should come from oneself. But there is no denial that different spaces emit energies at different frequencies, vibrating at different speeds, some resonating with your own energy more so than others. Forever grateful that I am able to call so many places home. Forever grateful that I have family in so many different parts of Mother Earth. To my family in Melbourne, I am ready to serve you once again for the next couple of months before my next chapter abroad. Full teaching schedule resuming tonight 🙏🏼 at Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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14 days ago

Mama Bali, I am here 😍 Thank you for bursting my heart wide open 🙏🏼 at Bali, Indonesia

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Mmm mmmeaty mmmushrooms 😋 with 🌱 tzatziki at eat.co

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To the wonderland that never stops giving, I bow to you. It is with a heavy but open heart that I must leave for now. Mama, I hear your call. I am coming ♥️ at Ko Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand

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2 months ago

Only a few more days left for early bird prices & spots are filling up! Head over to my website for bookings and more info www.tileeyoga.com 🙏🏼

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The need to protect the boundless heart usually comes from experiencing undesired emotions. A natural response to guard the heart from having to feel the same unpleasant emotions and sensations again. And we have all been hurt before, many times. And we all (at various degrees) have some layer of protection around the tender heart space. But what is the cost of guarding the heart? • • When we shut down the heart, when we close ourselves off, when we build up these walls to protect and defend, there is a deadening of the heart. We choose fear over love, we begin to move away from truly connecting with others, we begin to move away from the world in which we live in and we begin to move away from our true nature. Some of this happens at a conscious level, but most of this happens unconsciously. The intellect is clever with attempts to keep the ego safe. Here, we often find that the heart looses it’s battle with the intellectual mind. Just as we would not abandon a vulnerable child who is hurting, why do we run away from our own pain? • • When we guard the heart, one must ask “who am I trying to protect?”. And “who is doing the protecting?”. Which then brings us back to the beautiful question: “who am I?”. • • Throughout the years I have pondered on this question. What I have realised is that the more I understand who I am not, the closer I move towards knowing who I am. I have had snippets of experiencing oneness. In these moments I am everything, yet I am nothing at the same time. • • Perhaps the need to protect the heart can be seen as the need to protect the idea of who we think we are - a false sense of self in which we attach to. • • Instead of running, instead of shutting down, instead of guarding a heart that is boundless and infinite, what would it be like for us to be with a heart that is unguarded? To gently move into the most tender parts of our being and to simply stay with loving presence; to gently feel what is longing for our compassionate attention. • • As the Buddha said, “if there is anything worth doing, do it with all of your heart”. Don’t you think you’re worth it? ♥️ at Westside Yoga

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2 months ago

Bookings for Simplicity of Being are now open 🙏🏼 I’m so excited for the opportunity to share this weekend with you ♥️ • • Spots are already filling up & early bird prices are available until 10th of February, 2019. • • For more info or bookings, please visit www.tileeyoga.com. (Website by the amazing @n.g_designs ) at Krishna’s Otway Retreat

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Flowing with the inevitability of change. New class time Wednesday morning’s - 6:15am (not 6:30am anymore 🙅🏻‍♀️) Vinyasa @hotyogaflame 🔥. at Yoga Flame

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Doesn’t this look amazing?! 😋 Food that has been prepared with love and devotion carries a special vibration 🙏🏼 We will be eating the most delicious, karma-free meals on my Victorian retreat in March (29-31). I hope to be able to share this magical weekend with you ♥️

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Deep bow to 2018 and to every single moment that has made this year so very complete 🙏🏼 at Pyramid Yoga Center

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Commit to your authentic self, even if it disturbs the water 💧 at Yoga Flame

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Our team at Pyramid Yoga will help you nourish yourself with food that body will love 😍 Will you be joining us from 3rd-21st June, 2019 on our next Healing Retreat? 🙏🏼 at Pyramid Yoga Center

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Would you like to spend a weekend here with me? 2019 Retreat details (Victoria) released soon 🙏🏼 Save the date! 29/03/2019 - 31/03/2019 at Victoria

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An excerpt from my journal (my heart): “Everything in which we are searching for, already exists inside of us. We keep looking externally for moments of gratification, (instant gratification) through labels, experiences, objects, people, relationships, praise, only to realise that something is still missing. You see, we have been looking in the wrong places. We forget that the journey must start from within. For no amount of external peace will ever be enough if we have not yet cultivated inner peace within our hearts & our minds. These external means can & will dissipate as change is the only constant in life. & then we find ourselves back in that place where we try to fill up that void. Not the kind of void that comes from emptiness, from no-thing, from zen. But the kind of void that longs to be filled as it has not yet found itself as whole. Acquired & learned fears pave a path full of insecurities, judgment & disconnect. A disconnection & discontentment of what we have & who we are. So we try and get more & we try to be be more through whatever means makes sense to our rational minds at the time. Only to move further & further away from our truth & the true nature of our divine Self. Let it go - let it all go and you will find the richness & fullness of Now. & it’s always been there. You’ve just been too busy searching to see. To see beyond all of the layers, the true beauty that radiates beneath all of the superficial “stuff”. The kind of beauty that can only be felt with an open & compassionate heart. & once it is felt, finally the eyes can then truly see as the veil is lifted. This is where freedom rests. & it rests inside of you. It is with you always. Patiently waiting for you to remember. Patiently waiting for you to come back home.” Om shanti, beloved 🙏🏼 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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