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14 days ago

For quite a while I’ve been told that there are no climbing on the Big Island, Hawaii. Recently, I’ve set out to prove that false. Captured here, @purposefully_lost resting after a belaying me on a top rope route I put up. This chick has taken to climbing like a fish to water. Which is especially impressive when you consider she was (and still is) petrified of heights. Stay tuned for more photos (and hopefully some routes). And, If anyone has some secret spots they want to share hit me up. I promise not to tell. . . . . . . . . . . . #doyouclimb #dirtbagdarling #toprope #hawaiilife at Hawaii County, Hawaii

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18 days ago

Not my normal product or post, but I had so much fun doing both the shooting and the editing on these that I just had to share. Today’s special is a two in one combo shot. Foreground: me taking a shot of Mauna Kea’s Very Long Baseline Array. Background: Hawaii’s night sky. Tell me what you all think!!! at Mauna Kea Observatories

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23 days ago

While some of you may know I used to be in the military, none of you likely know that I struggled with my transition. Thought I was fortunate compared to many, I bore the scars of multiple deployments both physically and mentally. The place that I eventually found peace was in nature. In the year after separating, I often disappeared into the mountains. Eventually these outings brought me to a place where I could function. To this day, whenever I feel things are getting out of hand, my first instinct is to get outside. If you’ve been fighting to shake the funk, why not try to get outside this weekend? Go for a hike, go on a run, ski, bike, climb, surf, or just sit on a blanket under a shade tree. Whatever it is, here’s hoping it helps you like it helped me. And of course, if you need an ear or hand, feel free to reach out. at Hawaii

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29 days ago

As much as it sucks to wake up before dawn, on my day off, shots like this do help to make it worth it. Another amazing Hawai’i sunrise. Taken on the Big Island. at Hawaii

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1 month ago

Located at the start of the the Awini trail, the Pololu Valley is amongst the best of the Hawaiian Archipelago. Heavy rains driven by the trade winds continuously pellet the Kohala mountains above and have carved out this deep gorge and her sisters in one of the most ancient areas of the island. The Awini trail winds its way up and down these valleys for 21km but is part of a much longer trail that formerly encircled the island connecting the communities of its original inhabitants. If you look out for it you can see some of the remnants of these structures along the route. A difficult but rewarding trek, please remember to respect the spirit of this land if you choose to follow. at Hawaii

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2 months ago

I love the mountains best. No matter the weather, time of year, or location. I always feel joy when I’m at elevation. #visitmammoth

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2 months ago

Cold weather, amazing views and more snow than you can shake a pole at. Sounds like my kind of day. @purposefully_lost thanks for being my adventure buddy for life!

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2 months ago

Crossing a very frozen Lake Mary on our way upcountry. at Mammoth Mountain

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3 months ago

Carson’s Peak located near June Lake in the eastern Sierras. All of the mountains of the eastern Sierras seem to me to be calling with their stark and untamed beauty. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, the peaks beckon. #wanderlust #wanderfolk #openmyworld #roamtheplanet #neverstopexploring #outdoortones #thegreatoutdoors #optoutside #mountains #mountainculture #choosemountains #bestmountainartists #mg5k #moodygrams #lensbible #thelensbible #mountainlove #mountainlife #modernoutdoorsman #adventurevisuals #thevisualcollective #staywild #modernoutdoors #winter

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3 months ago

Ski touring through Inyo National Forest. There’s nothing quite like skiing through fluffy fresh power. at Mammoth Mountain

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3 months ago

I’M HOOKED!!!! Tried out alpine touring recently and I am in love with it. What’s more, I was able to enjoy the absolutely amazing beauty of the Eastern Sierra’s while doing it. at Mammoth Mountain

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3 months ago

I’ve been back on the mainland for a bit now and I have got to say that San Francisco has really captured me. I’m not really one for cities, but there is something that still feels a bit wild here. Not to mention that a few hours in any direction gets you to some of the most famous and beautiful natural areas of the US. at San Francisco, California

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3 months ago

Not really the area I want to go with photography, but damn if I’m not proud of this photo. I guess it really is true what they say about monkeys and Shakespeare.

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4 months ago

Taken during my run yesterday. What an incredible view of the Marin Headlands. If you look closely, you can see point Bonita lighthouse.

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4 months ago

Welcome to cowboy country. 10 mi run from Waimea to Honoka’a through some beautiful country. The scenery varies from views like this, to dense jungle.

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4 months ago

Christmas at 13,000 ft. Dense fog, and thunderstorms couldn’t stop us from getting our snow on this holiday season. at Mauna Kea

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