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@three_percent_nation  "Get armed,get trained, get fit and get ready"-#3PN "God, Family, Country and Guns"🕇👪🇺🇸🔫 #ΜΟΛΩΝFUCKINGΛΑΒΕ #THREEPERCENTNATION LongIslandPatriot

16 hours ago

✴All cases would be solved by the end of next week.. especially the ones from 20 years ago that were minor in importance and never brought up.... Well I hope my FBI agent that is watching me is a female bc I don't cover my camera🤣. Before I leave the house, I wave to my desktop camera, just to brighten the day of the FBI agent watching me. Friendliness is contagious people, let's be friendly this weekend 😉✴ #threepercentnation

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2 days ago

✴Reminder people, Valentine's day is tomorrow. Put in your special requests as pictured above by tagging your significant other✴ #threepercentnation

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3 days ago

✴You got this people, its Wednesday and Friday is right around the corner. If you can't wait, 5 o'clock is 8 hours away✴ #threepercentnation

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4 days ago

✴Keyboard warriors are tough until it is time for face to face. Stop talking shit on the internet, it is filling the people of this world with a false sense of security thinking they can say whatever they want and the worst that can happen is someone blocks them. Real world isn't unfollow and block; its block the punch and throw a jab, cross, hook, cross combo.. lights out.✴ #threepercentnation

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