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7 days ago

Another one of the #floralwallpaper designs created in partnership with @luxewalls. Exciting times! Head over to and sign up to receive our updates and design news. 😍 at Floragraphica

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10 days ago

I’m so excited to share another exhibition of my work, this time proudly alongside the AMAZING @rosiebondi, as part of @creativeframesandmirrors Buds to Beaches exhibition curated by Joanne Becker. May is certainly a big month for me! This one is on the 30th - I hope you’ll join us at the Creative Frames showroom in Waterloo Posted @withrepost@creativeframesandmirrors We are so excited to announce our next Creative Family Exhibition to be held on Thursday 30th May in our showroom. This stunning exhibition of the work of two of the best photographers we have ever seen, is the culmination of excellent curatorship by our Head of Design, Joanne Becker and #rosiebondi and #thisisfloragraphica. #creativefamily #creativeframesandmirrors #photoexhibition #artphotography at Creative Frames and Mirrors

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12 days ago

I am incredibly excited to announce my collaboration with @luxewalls on a range of beautiful botanical wallpapers. Luxe Walls create the most amazing removable and repositionable wallpapers, which bring a richness, texture and tactility to my work that is divine. I feel incredibly lucky to partner with them to create these sublime, larger-than-life artworks. You can visit the range via the link in my bio. We will also be doing bespoke wallpapers so if you are engaged, you might want to think about using your bouquet as the basis of your own custom wallpaper. How amazing! #wallpaper #floralwallpaper #bouquetphotography #bouquetwallpaper #interiorinspiration at Floragraphica

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13 days ago

A bit of a throwback tonight because I was in desperate need of some hot pink. This certainly ticked the box. A glorious peony from the anniversary bouquet recreation of one of my fave industry peeps @dbj_events. Still one of my favourite bouquets and favourite shoots ever 😍😍 #bouquetphotography at Floragraphica

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17 days ago

Well these make all the hard work worthwhile! 😍 Thanks to everyone who came to the opening night of ‘In our nature’ and huge thanks to the amazing @campbellsoupcans for her incredible support and huge effort bringing it all together. The exhibition will continue to run until the 14th of May - come for the art, stay for a coffee (or come for the coffee, stay for the art). at Hazelhurst Arts Centre

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18 days ago

I love it when a bride loves my images of her bouquet but it is always so special when the florist who created it loves them. I love this share from the incredibly talented Jess from @the_golden_dandelion I’ve been lucky enough to capture her work twice now and hope to have the honour many more times in the future. This piece created for the beautiful @ashas.way was perfection. #Repost @the_golden_dandelion ・・・ I can’t get enough of the photos taken of the bouquet I made for Asha by @thisisfloragraphica. What a beautiful journey wedding bouquets have. I pour so much love and intention into my creations. Then they are held lovingly throughout such a special moment in someone’s life. Magic. This arrangement is extra lucky as it got passed on again to be captured and treasured forever. Jess x at Floragraphica

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20 days ago

Poster child. Love seeing my fringed tulip piece (courtesy of @the.lillipillian) used by @hazelhurstartscentre to promote the amazing In Our Nature exhibition opening this Friday. An incredible array of art curated by @campbellsoupcans. If you are in the shire (or even if you aren’t!) pop by for a look and join me for a drink ❤️ #Repost @campbellsoupcans ・・・ 🌹🌹 Elise Catterall ~ Fringed Tulip // Catterall’s photography provides a typology of botanic closeness and interrogation as she captures flowers and plants away from their natural environment, as a form of still life portraiture. Long exposure photography allows Elise to use natural light and a deep depth of field to capture her subjects with richness, detail, depth and shadow. These elements are integral to her photography. She constructs portraits of her flowers in the same way that a portrait photography might capture faces. This is uncommon in botanical photography, which is often field based. By removing the flower or plant from its natural setting, devoid of distractions, the focus becomes solely on the subject and its sculptural qualities, emphasising the individualised architectures, colours, compositions and formal qualities of each floral type in specificity and detail 🌹🌹 // 🌿Come and see pieces like this at Hazelhurst Arts Centre as part of my curatorial project ~ In Our Nature ~ Opening night is May 3rd 6pm ~ The exhibition runs from the 4 - 14 May🌿 Elise Catterall, ''Fringed Tulip', 2018, C-Type Photograph, dimensions variable Image Courtesy of the Artist #inournature #botanica #nature #fineart #contemporary #contemporaryart #florography #botanicalart #art #exhibition #flowers #organic #emergingartists #photography #flowerphotography #hazelhurst #naturalart #plants #installation #sculpture #tactile #emotive #detail #tulip #weddingbouquet at Hazelhurst Arts Centre

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