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@themalikjackson  Proud father 👶🏽...S.B 50 champ🏆... Pro Bowler...Tenn vol.... Snapchat--Themalikjack

7 days ago

I look like bae

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14 days ago

"People come up to me all the time and say 'you should be a model,' or 'you look just like a model,' or 'maybe you should try to be a man who models.' And I always have to laugh because I'm so good looking. Of course I'm a model." —Derek Zoolander

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1 month ago

Vegas PD: Mr. Jackson stop lying, we know your Champagne Lik from the infamous Lurk team. Vegas PD: Give us @duke and his @law17 brand . Me: Your too late coppers he’s already flooded the streets with the drip. There’s no stopping him now at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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1 month ago

Fuck clothes, I cop pieces - ASAP Rocky

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2 months ago

“Some n***a make millions, other n***a make memes (Hmm) I'm on a money routine I don't want smoke, I want cream” -J. Cole

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2 months ago


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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Handle business with no suit Blowing heat, don't get sued (B-b-boom!) word! - Troy Ave

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3 months ago

...nah I ain't sneeze But if ni**a want steam or smoke, bet I match you -ASAP Rocky

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3 months ago

Be easy when you talking to the greasy ones - Swiss beats

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4 months ago

Too much juice too much sauce too much drip too much clout- French Montana

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