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18 hours ago

Plant based eating has a learning curve, at least it did for us! (Doesn't everything have a learning curve? Like... anything new?) OK OK Here's a short list of some foods we used to eat --> foods we now eat: Then: BLT sandwich --> Now: @lightlifefoods or @sweetearthfoods BLT sandwich w/ @followyourheart or another of the many vegan mayos (@sirkensingtons @justforall Then: A big dairy cheese spread with crackers, pickles, olives, jam & fruit --> Now: A big #nondairy cheese spread with @miyokoscreamery @treelinecheese @cheezehoundinc @vtopian cheeses Then: Dairy Ice Cream --> Now: Non-dairy ice cream (fill in the blank there are so many brands making #vegan nondairy ice creams like @benandjerrys @haagendazs_us @coconutbliss @vanleeuwenicecream etc.) Is this helpful? Do you have things to add to this list???

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2 days ago

Getting cosy with co-presidents in the @smarties photobooth at #SSE19! 🤓🤓🤓We spend more time with our colleagues than almost anyone else so it really helps when you get along well. Thankfully we do!!! 🍬🍭🌈 at Sweets & Snacks Expo

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3 days ago

What’s this all about?! Just a lil ol’ ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate @smarties 70th anni (!!!) of making our iconic candy! From our sweet family business to you + your sweeties! 🍬❤ . If you're at @sweets_and_snacks_expo swing by the @smarties booth ( #515) for some celebratory sweet treats! at Chicago, Illinois

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4 days ago

Coming to you L I V E from candy land! We’re here setting up the @smarties booth at #sse19 and taking a quick photo break 🌈🍬🌈 If you’ll be here this week come say *haiiiii* at booth 515!!! 🌟🌟🌟 at McCormick Place

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5 days ago

Headed to Chicago shortly for Sweets & Snacks Expo with the @Smarties team!!! Going to candy shows can be rough but someone's gotta do it... 😆 If you're at the show, please stop by and say hi! We are at BOOTH 515!!!

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7 days ago

It's time for some warm weather clothes (I hope! I hope!) and since so many people seem to LUV this shirt I'm gonna share where I got it from, again! ( #NOTspo) It's from @veganizedworld and they have this design on some other gear too -- I'm eyeing that blue baseball cap... ✨

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8 days ago

Photo from that time I stumbled across this magical place so-called "courtyard des arts" by David, its caretaker. NYC is full of unexpected delightful surprises, like... omnivore restaurants that serve awesome #vegan food! What are a few of your favorites? #TakingNotes ... PS- I recently had a really nice plant based meal at @cafecluny so there's my rec! at New York City, N.Y.

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9 days ago

Back in my "uniform." 🐷👜Some things never change... Like how much I LOVE TO READ! 📖My 2019 goal is 52 books, and I'm nearly half way there at 24... 🔖Here are my top 6 from that list: 1) Educated by Tara Westover 2) Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens 3) Becoming by Michelle Obama 4) Rebecca by Daphne De Maurier 5) White Fragility by Robin Diangelo and 6) The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, #1) by J. R. R. Tolkien 📚 What are some of your favorites???

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10 days ago

Tomorrow night! @NickGarin and I will be at the 7th annual l.a. Eyeworks event to benefit art matters at Alexander Gray Associates in Chelsea. Want new glasses? Want to help me choose a pair of sunglasses? Deets from @laeyeworks --> 🌟 FRAME FANATICS of NEW YORK! 🌟 Heads up for your once-a-year chance to plunge face first into the complete l.a.Eyeworks collection of prescription eyewear and sunglasses *AND* to make your dollars do good for Art Matters @artmattersfoundation, a non-profit foundation that provides working grants to artists. Generously presented by Alexander Gray Associates @alexandergrayassociates gallery Wednesday, May 15, from 5-9PM in their gorgeous digs at 510 W 26 Street. Snazzy drinks and frosty #vegan treats complete your new look for summer. #ArtMatters #laEyeworks #AlexanderGrayAssociates

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11 days ago

Because #rescue is my favorite breed... Head's up NYers!!! --> Let's each of us reach out to our representatives to ask them to support the Humane Pet Store Bill S.4234 / A.6298 to reduce the demand for dogs, cats and rabbits bred in cruel conditions. Aniimals sold in pet stores usually come from places where "breeding stock" are kept in tiny wire cages, often stacked on top of one another, for their entire life. Many New York pet stores are already in compliance with this bill because they refuse to sell puppies, kittens and bunnies. Instead, many opt to work with the rescue community by hosting adoption events at their stores and I. APPLAUD. THEM. Let's ask our reps to raise the bar and hold ALL pet stores accountable with more humane business models: Please support S.4234 / A.6298!!! at LoveShackFancy

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13 days ago

Me looking for food I "miss" and not finding any! Here's another day in the life of my stomach, in an effort to demystify plant based eating! Breakfast: @Oatly latte made at home with cinnamon and agave - I whip it up to be super foamy thx to @hilarysloan's tip to get a milk frother. Worth. It. Smoothie with fresh Banana, flax seeds, frozen Strawberries, frozen spinach, almond butter water and soy milk. Lunch: Green salad w/ lots of veggies and a balsamic vinaigrette and a hearty bean soup that @NickGarin makes in the slow cooker with heaps of veggies & greens. OR @oceanhuggerfoods #ahimi sushi we find at our local @wholefoods plus edamame Snack: Apple pie @larabar or an apple and handful of nuts with tea with @Nutpods original #nondairy milk Dinner: Pasta with a Kale Pesto (with garlic, pumpkin seeds, kale, salt, red pepper flakes and oil whipped together) and @uptonsnaturals Italian seitan. Dessert: @haagendazs_us #DairyFree peanut butter chocolate fudge ice cream OR, if we are feeling bake-ey, @chefchloe's chocolate chunk cookies from #ChloeFlavor which are our go-to cookies and we are obssessed. Re: vitamins/supplements: I do take a #plantbased Omega 3 and Vitamin D and/or a multivitamin every so often. Oh, please don't ask me about macros / protein because every time I calculate it out it's all good (but it takes forever so I'm skipping it on this post I hope you'll forgive me!) and my bloodwork is always good and I'm not nutrient or protein deficient and I'm still here and lifting weights (right @Miguelbuckets?) and going upside down and everything! PS- Photo from a past trip to #Tortola in the BVI - it is so beautiful there! at Tortola

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15 days ago

Vegan since 2011 and we still haven't died of a nutrient deficiency. #blessed at West Village

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16 days ago

Do u stay in Airbnb's when you travel? If so, do you have favorites (DM them to me or post below pls!)? I know sometimes when we discover an Airbnb we love, we want to keep it a secret because the good ones book up so fast, BUT I'm gonna call out this one because it's really so good. It's @pineapplepadpb by @palmbeachlately and on #airbnb and #vrbo and it's just downright lovely, super comfortable, beautifully decorated & well located. #NotSpo So... where should we stay next??? at Palm Beach, Florida

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17 days ago

Having all the dessert feelz. 🍰💕 ... (It's an oreo cookie ice cream cake with salted caramel cluster ice cream topped with a homemade fudge drizzle courtesy of @stacydelin & @keithdelin --> see how I'm angling for another invite already?) at New York, New York

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18 days ago

The first #VLB meeting was with 5 friends in my apartment. It's hard to believe that @VeganLadyboss now has more than 15K followers on IG with more than 70 meeting locations worldwide and around😮FIVE THOUSAND😮 people participating in meetings! See the VLB website for meeting locations near you and if you're around NYC, 🌟join our meeting this Thursday, May 9 🌟 at Palm Beach, Florida

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