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20/52 prompt: composition | negative space in a landscape. Using the blank road on the right as a negative space. It’s been raining on and off all week so I decided to go urban instead of natural on this prompt. #dogwoodweek20 #dogwood52 #dogwood2019 #sanfrancisco

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6 days ago

From the @shestheroaster time at the BGA bar in Kansas City. I didn’t actually meet @alyakdriab until a few months later in Boston! I really like this photo, though, and the drink was really great. Taken Feb 2019

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8 days ago

Here’s an attractive photo to grab your attention. And now that I have it, I’m happy to say that I’ve released my own professional development tracker as a template! You may have seen it on my stories a bit ago. I’ve made a template that you can copy and save for yourself. To read up on how to use it and to save it for your own use, click through the link in my profile. It is very coffee oriented but you can edit it to how you’d like.

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10 days ago

From this past Saturday’s @plantlings plant swap! I brought a mix of potted cuttings I had taken weeks ago & fresh cuttings. And I took home some new-to-me babies like a begonia, string of turtles, prince of orange philodendron & these super cute 3D printed pots (3rd photo) by @the.planterist!

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12 days ago

19/52 prompt: storytelling | aging. I turned 32 two days ago so a self portrait felt appropriate for the photo prompt. I’ve given myself more space this past year to grow personally and [this year] professionally. I think it’s very easy to feel stuck when in actuality things have changed. In the last year, I’ve: started taking Spanish on Duolingo, I’ve gone solo to three plant meetups, took a staghorn fern mounting class, took two weeks off, started this photo challenge, went on a writing retreat, started making a diy mini cafe (see highlights), and even started doing kickboxing videos. Oh and I asked a random person to take this photo of me today, which is something I had to force myself to do. So despite feeling like I haven’t gone anywhere and that my body creaks more, I’m glad I’ve made it to 32. #dogwoodweek19 #dogwood52 #dogwood2019

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13 days ago

SF in January.

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15 days ago

18/52 prompt inspiration | weight or mass. I took this photo without knowing it fit the challenge. It’s my first time trying to capture a bee on camera. I had a prime lens on so I just kept scooting closer and occasionally holding my arm out in hopes that things were in focus. #dogwood52 #dogwoodweek18 #dogwood2019

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20 days ago

This one’s from the Monday after expo at night shift roasting. V into the yellow! April 2019, Boston

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23 days ago

17/52 prompt: composition | balance in accidental renaissance style. What an oxymoron. How do you shoot something that’s accidental? Anyway, it’s all editing. 😑 #dogwood52 #dogwood2019 #dogwoodweek17

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1 month ago

An environmental photo for earth day but also I just like this reflection. Taiwan, Feb 2019

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1 month ago

15/52 prompt: inspiration | anonymous. One of the things that keeps me going in this industry are all the wonderful people I meet. This is just a small portion of those I saw last week. Spent Monday with @paigelizabethicks @escalante_erica @steverhinehart, with Lupe and donuts and coffee. @ditriech’s portrait has lines from the fluorescent lights but I still like how it turned out. @dougdpark & @blackmagiccoffeeco both brought me 🍩. @umeshiso_ is always a shining star. @taco.papi_ gamely took photos with the pog that had his face on it. @coffeeandwater and his stack of giant onion rings. @ericjgrimm & @tbenfischer the coffee power couple. I didn’t have the best of expos but all of them and many more made it much more bearable. #dogwood52 #dogwood2019 #dogwoodweek15

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1 month ago

14/52 prompt: center-framed portrait that exhibits loneliness. Hiked today with @jlynnmuir in search of wildflowers and we were not disappointed. She was also very helpful for this challenge, “hey, there’s a flower that looks lonely!” I’m a few weeks behind on this weekly challenge but I will catch up! This flower was the only one coming out of the rock. I don’t really think it exhibits loneliness as much as perseverance but oh well! #dogwood52 #dogwood2019 #dogwoodweek14 at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve

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1 month ago

Hosting sca game night for the 3rd year in a row was a definite highlight of my weekend in Boston. We had a turnout of 35 people over the course of 3.5 hours. Many thanks to @sprudge for sponsoring the snacks & drinks. A big thank you to @pavementcoffee for the venue & @wolfmarnell @beccampollock for helping with setup & moving things. And a thank you to @radthanael for donating games to use and take home. It turned out to be a dry event (it was byob but no one brought booze). I’m considering making it dry next year. Thanks to everyone who showed up and played some games! at Pavement Coffeehouse

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1 month ago

Here’s a photo of tea to tell you about my expo plans. I’m already exhausted so I’m really not sure how I’m going to make it through the weekend. Thursday- @thechocolatebarista party. Friday- judging design lab, then @thebaristaleague event. Saturday- hosting my own game night! (See link in profile for fb event or my story highlights for details) Sunday- hopefully the @juniorsroastedcoffee & @bosintersectionalcoffeecol ask me about production event if I’m not still closing down the booth. I’ll be in and out of @acaiacoffee’s two booths- 899 & M16 (market). Please say hi. If I’m out of it, it’s because this event is all I thought about for the last two months. Photo- Taiwan, Feb 2019

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2 months ago

Did I just set up a fake game of sushi go so I could have a game photo for game night? Yes. SCA game night is back for the third year in a row! Join us on Saturday of expo weekend for a chill night of games. No DJ, no keg. It’s 6 pm @pavementcoffee (roastery location). Soft drinks & plant-based snacks are sponsored by @Sprudge. BYOBooze if you want to drink alcohol. Games are donated by @radthanael and you can take them home if you love them! Swipe right for the event info or click on the link in my profile if you’re into Facebook.

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