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18 hours ago

Ask me how chicken training our puppy is going... 🤦🏻‍♀️ **no chickens were injured in this process. My husband was just outside of the frame ready to step in if necessary. In fact about 20 seconds after this photo was taken C-3PyOlk started chasing the puppy. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #keeponkeepingon

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6 days ago

I was at @bigrstores picking up chicken feed when I found this awesome steerable sled! The kids decided to test it out today and it is so fun!!! Also how adorable is my girls cozy flannel shirt?! ❤️ Every time I go in I’m surprised at the variety of items Big R offers! 🤗 #bigrstores #ad #weirdthingschickenpeopledo

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7 days ago

The chickens are questioning my judgement about bringing a puppy home. #judgeychickens

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8 days ago

My favorite part of this photo is my husband in the background chasing a rogue chicken that escaped the run. 😂😂😂

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13 days ago

We’ve been working on chicken proofing our new puppy. He finds the chickens fascinating (but only from a distance) - the feeling is NOT mutual. 😂 it makes sense that they are terrified of him... even though they are bigger. And outnumber him 20 to 1. He’s sooo scary after all. 😉😂 (Scroll for the cutest puppy ever 👉🏻)

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18 days ago

C-3PyOlk, Boba Peck and R2-Beak2. 🖤❤️🖤 Stay warm ladies!!

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20 days ago

You know it’s a sad state of affairs when your Cochin is your best layer. 😂 #amiright

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21 days ago

It has been weeks since we’ve seen even one egg... looking forward to bright red wattles again soon. ❤️🤞🏻

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22 days ago

Remember this ridiculousness featuring Kylo Hen, Beak-B8, Hen Solo, Princess Lay-a Egg, F-Hen 2187 and Milleni-Hen Falcon? Well we have more planned... 🤓 Get excited. 🖤 #weirdthingschickenpeopledo

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25 days ago

Throwing it waaaaaasy back! Luke “Lulu” Skysquawker piloting the X-Wing In 2016. 💙😂 #mynerdisshowing 🤓

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26 days ago

Coop visitor.😍 The neighbors here sure are friendly. 🦌

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27 days ago

It may be blizzarding outside but the girls are cozy in the coop. ❤️

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28 days ago

I have major chick... err.. spring fever. 🐣 Simone was the CUTEST little baby. 💛

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1 month ago

Dreaming of green this fluffy butt Friday. I love the snow - but I can’t wait for Spring. So ready to enjoy this beautiful new property. 💚 #fluffybuttfriday #fbf #flashbackfriday

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1 month ago

I can hardly remember when Simone was this tiny (you can see her all grown up in my last post.) This spring we will be adding silkies, ducklings AND a golden retriever puppy to our home. Cannot wait. 😍 #throwbackthursday

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1 month ago

I think our secret library is the stuff dreams are made of... but putting your pet chicken in there just adds a whole level of awesome. 😍🐓📚 #weirdthingschickenpeopledo

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1 month ago

“Um... yeah. That’s going to be a hard pass for me.” - Lando Calrissi-hen

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1 month ago

See, C-3PyOlk... the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Now please stay in your run. 🙄

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