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@thecouponista  I didn’t change, I just found myself.

2 months ago

There’s nothing quite like taking time to explore on your own. I had an amazing visit with family in Tucson over the last couple weeks, but one memory that I hold a little extra close is when I explored the mountains of Tucson on my own for the morning. I used to never be able to do things like this by myself. Learning to do things on my own and truly enjoy them, I have found an intense new appreciation for everything around me. Not a single distraction, just soaking every last detail of my surroundings in. Going in to the new year, I urge all of my friends to take some time out to do the same - explore more. #reflection #travel #explore #potd at Tucson Mountains

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4 months ago

I used to dread the impending winter each year... the changing colors of the leaves reminded me of the death of sunshine. The crisp cold air made my bones hurt. I have found that in a journey to find myself, I have found to actually look forward to and enjoy this change of seasons. The changing colors now remind me that old things must pass away to make room for new. Instead of running from the cool crisp air, I pull myself closer to my husband’s embrace and enjoy every refreshing second. There is beauty all around me, and I’m so thankful for every fallen leaf and every impending fallen snowflake. Experiencing these seasons with my husband and kids close by my side is my EVERYTHING. My only regret was ever trying to chase the sunshine in the first place. I didn’t need to fill my winter calendar each year with travel to warmer climates to find it - it was always right here! #potd #instafall #fall #wisconsin #seasonchange #thoughts

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4 months ago

Oh Levi! You are JUST like your daddy. You are passionate about Jesus, have a kind and sensitive heart, and you have the most incredible intelligent mind. Every time I think I couldn’t be prouder of the young man you are becoming, you go and make me more proud of you. I’m so excited for all of the wonderful things that God has in store for you, little man. You will do BIG things. Today we celebrate YOU!! Welcome to the double digits, bud!! Happy HAPPY 10th birthday! ❤️

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