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17 days ago

At the @ixcr Awards Ceremony, I was really impressed with the homework @motomike818 did for each and every class. He had stats and history for all the riders and it really enhanced the announcing. He also suggested that “Hurricane” Lane was one of the most improved riders, and considering his competition in the 85cc class, I’d have to agree. Congratulations on a 3rd place and for giving it 110% all season! #breakthesendbarrier #teamgreen @kawasakiusa

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20 days ago

All of the hours training. All of the hours in the garage. All the driving. All the money. All the hours behind a pressure washer. All of the support from family, friends, and sponsors. All the pain. All of the passion. All the love. We gave it our ALL. That is what the celebration was about for us last night at the @ixcr 2018 Awards Ceremony. That is what these represent for us. No regrets or disappointments. We met our goals and now we set new goals. Bigger goals. We are already giving it our ALL for the 2019 season. Thank you to ALL who helped us get here and to ALL who are helping us get further in 2019!

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1 month ago

These turned out great! Thank you @caseyr1980 at #Impactsports Limited quantities available. DM to get yours!

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2 months ago

One of the boys’ favorite Christmas gifts. Thanks man! @r_sipes

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2 months ago

Congratulations to Aidden Foist on his 1st place finish in the 50 Open class and 3rd in SR class of the #kentuckianamx series! Aidden has trained hard with TCR in 2018 and though he’s pretty quiet, he’s making big noise on the motocross scene! Way to #breakthesendbarrier buddy.

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3 months ago

What a Year! Despite the challenges of weather, we enjoyed 344 students and 44 sessions for 2018, helped put on the inaugural @highflymx2.0 GP race, and hosted our very first Ladies Only class. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of so many. Thank you EVERYONE especially @racefacegraphics @theunabiker @flyracingusa @hammernutrition @scottwoolls and guest instructors @r_sipes @poohsipes @akaydin918 @bmahon56 I can’t wait to get started with the off bike winter workouts. #breakthesendbarrier

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3 months ago

@jbondmonroe is the perfect example of what perseverance and hard work looks like. There were times when he was really down on himself about his riding but with a few minor adjustments and a lot of determination, I think he’s defined what we mean by #breakthesendbarrier Congratulations JB. Your free TCR hat is on the way. . #Repost @jbondmonroe with @get_repost ・・・ It was just a couple months ago when I started seeing how all the training with @thecompleteracer was paying off. Without this training I would've never been able to get a win this year in a mud race!! I have been so much more comfortable on the bike lately. I am excited to see how I do next year. I am getting alot of confidence and that is a must-have to be able to #breakthesendbarrier. It has been great to be able to work with guys like @akaydin918 and @r_sipes over the last couple years. That's right... #tcrrocked2018

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