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14 hours ago

Iron Man vs The Grandmaster 😳(@jeffgoldblum threw that ball btw)

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2 days ago

This is not CGI... 😏

206k 8k 54
7 days ago

This is something you have to see, to believe.

475k 17k 88
8 days ago

@thanos u a lil bitch boi

82k 7k 68
10 days ago

Would you cop or drop? 🔥 . . . Bruce Wayne green screen by Aldo Jones from YT

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12 days ago


298k 21k 243
14 days ago

Guys, I don’t think Vision has the Mind Stone...

437k 34k 924
15 days ago

Nothing is definitely playing.

503k 28k 948
16 days ago

He’s seen it... 😢

475k 28k 309
16 days ago

Yeah. I don’t know.

296k 17k 2k
19 days ago

Its not hating if it’s true... 👀

513k 30k 590
21 days ago

It’s not today to be clear.

658k 52k 574
22 days ago

Now that’s evil.

312k 21k 235
23 days ago

Damn. I really had high hopes for this film. Now I can’t watch it, and I have to have to hate it because of the Rotten Tomato score!!! 😤😤😤

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