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26 days ago

Hey guys so here’s some highlights and updates on my entrepreneurship journey. Lots of up and downs in the last few months. I’ve been reading and learning about self-discipline and managing stress better which has been great. I have a long way to go but getting better everyday. ✔️@mexistuffstore is growing fast and steady and finally hit the 100k in one month mark with over 120k in sales for April, which brings sales to almost o half million since January of this year. Also got cool new office to run operations out of. ✔️@telemundo invited me to their headquarters in LA last month and I was able to talk about entrepreneurship and how I got started with my side hustle. The interview should air soon! ✔️Met with the owners of the biggest Mexican Market stores in Utah and they will be selling our hottest products in their stores! This will be my first time really diving into retail so I am excited to see what happens. ✔️Started another side hustle called custmals.com and we’re currently in the process of getting that up and running. Super excited about this project as I think it has a lot of potential. ✔️For my main marketing business we’ve decided to rebrand completely and start fresh so we’ll be launching the new site next month. #entrepreneur #utah #hustle #sidehustle #provo #orem #utahcounty #slc at Orem, Utah

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5 months ago

I’ve decided to start documenting my entrepreneur journey along with my fitness journey here on Instagram. Those two activities take up a lot my time and I’m very passionate about them both. My hope is to inspire and help as many people as I can. Last month was a great month for my new side hustle and ended it at just over 90k! 🙌🏼 which is crazy considering it’s only been running for a couple months. Things have definitely slowed down after Christmas but I’m doing my bet to stabilize things. For you e-commerce enthusiasts, what are some things you implement to increase sales during the January blues? Combined with my main business, about a quarter million dollars was dine in sales in December, which is the most I’ve ever done! It’s crazy to look back to the beginning of my journey when I was selling sandwiches from Pro Shop to Pro Shop to condescending Gym owners haha 😂(some not all). Honestly I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to start a business and somehow be successful. 8 years later I now have a goal of doing 1M a month 😯 and it actually seems possible this year. I’ll keep you guys updated and share everything I learn along the way! Let’s kill it this 2019 #success #entrepreneur #hustle #utah #provo #orem #utahcounty at Provo, Utah

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6 months ago

Super pumped to introduce my newest side hustle @suxeed If you know me, then you know entrepreneurship has been my passion of mine for a long time now. My dad was an immigrant entrepreneur who came here with very little money and very little English. Yet, he was able to build a multimillion dollar business with hard work, dedication, and most importantly..FAITH. I am HUGE believer in the power of thought and that the things we surround ourselves with and are constantly exposed to affect us tremendously, even if we're not aware of it. That's why I refuse to watch any sort of entertainment that is not educational in some way, except movies at theaters LOL. I hope this little brand will speak to entrepreneurs everywhere. #utah #utahfitfam #sidehustle #maxout #10x #provo #orem at Utah

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