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4 days ago

I’ve travelled near and far, but I-15 will always have a special place in my heart. . The highway is the child of the mother road Route 66 and the gateway to Las Vegas from California. I’ve travelled it in good times and tragic, with friends and loves. It has its own soundtrack of songs that will be forever connected to the road through my memories. I know every mile after hundreds of trips down its asphalt but it never ceases to surprise me. . . . . #roadtrip #route66 #roadsideamerica #highway #changethestory #lasvegas #driving #cars #memories #rocketman #eltonjohn #billyjoel #soundtrackofmylife at Yermo, California

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6 days ago

Checking out the downtown art scene in Las Vegas. It’s part of the Vegas you don’t think about. Cool murals and public art. Always love hanging out in the rest of the city. . Get away from The Strip and check out the rest of Vegas. It’s not all about partying and gambling. It’ll really surprise you. . . . . #lasvegas #roadtrip #lasvegasart #muralart #lasvegasdowntown #vegasart #artscene

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11 days ago

Been out of the gym for a bit due to a muscle injury. Back in today and it’s more than just a return. . I have been working on a project with @dual_visions for over a year and the pieces finally look like they might be falling into place to shoot in a few months. But I can’t wait until the contracts are signed to start training. This character is a bad ass mofo and I need to do a lot of work to get my body ready. . So the cardio begins. I don’t dance my way through my workout like some people I know... looking at you @realdealmada ... but I was grooving to some tunes. Not up to @prideofgypsies and his 70 minute freaking superhero marathon... yet. . To make things even better, my director @jameskondelik said he would keep up his own exercise regiment with me. Gonna hold him to it. . We’d put Big Nasty in the movie with us but don’t know if we could deal with his constant musical shuffle between takes. 😉 . . . . #filmmaking #mondaymotivation #movies #fitnessmotivation #sweat #film #changethestory #makingmovies #writing #actorslife #cardio at Westwood Village, California

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12 days ago

When your executive producer is hard at work during a coloring session. . . . . #filmmaking #film #movies

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