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2 days ago

Gae cattos~🐍

13k 101
5 days ago

I CAN & I WILL-yet my love life is nonexistent ~🐍******y’all don’t start with the “tHaT’s a BaD StEryOtyPE, it’s just a joke”**************************************************************************************************************************************************************text: “Them: you can’t fall in love with every girl you ever lay eyes mind your heterosexual business”

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6 days ago

Mountain Gae, take me home~🐍

8k 56
10 days ago

The true feast, indeed ~🐍

11k 95
11 days ago

✰ Mi amor, the stars in the skies have no comparison to those in your eyes ✰ ~🐍

11k 39
13 days ago

‘Tis true I am bad at math, also *shockingly*, these are my test results~🐍 *************************************************************************************************************text, if it’s too blurry: “Bees:1/gays:0”.....”scientists say bees can do basic math”

8k 143
16 days ago

Ready. Set. Gay~🐍

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18 days ago

On Thursdays we wear green ~🐍

8k 97
20 days ago

no u ~🐍

2k 4
21 days ago

A true gaylien ~🐍

829 4
24 days ago

I shall sit as gay as I please, thank you. ~🐍

6k 89
25 days ago

Let me see...stright....*sigh*...strhiat....theory proven~🐍

9k 265
27 days ago

Do the gay wolves know I’m gay? ~🐍

4k 32
29 days ago

‘Tis I the gae ~🐍

1k 23
1 month ago

Agreed on my part, I don’t know what’s going on in math. Speaking of, what is the true answer to y’all^2 + gay^2 ? ~🐍

752 6
1 month ago

It was but a night under the stars...crimson lips to rival mars...the universe so close, yet the planets far...a beautiful memory saved in a jar. ~🐍

5k 33
1 month ago

Skskskskksks I started crocheting a scrapghan so that I can get rid of all this green and blue yarn that i've collected over the years and uhhh I've been doing it for 2 days and it's only 6 inches long why is the universe against me ~🐼 . . Qotp: What's the best book you've read so far? Aotp: Not a lot of people like this book but I like Turtles All the Way Down. I even have a TAWD quote in my main account's bio. I feel like it very accurately describes a life with anxiety and I like that it doesn't portray mental illness as this big scary thing that only criminals have. . . #lgbt #lesbian #gay #transgender #bisexual #homosexual #ftm #mtf #bi #transguy #lgbtmemes #textpost #gender #transman #transboy #sapphic #mlm #wlw #androgynous #gnc #gendernonconforming

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1 month ago

this isn’t lgbt related, but it’s also good to have some self love. self love is the first love we should all have before anything. -kai🧷🖤 #selflove #lgbtq🌈 #repost

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